Attack of the teenage "Boo"-bies

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Last night the most disturbing outfit I saw came to the door as part of a trio of girls, I'm guessing late teens, maybe early 20s. One of the girls was dressed in a colorful bright costume, the other two, not so bright and they were all using their purses to collect candy. One of the less brightly dressed gals was about 2 cm away from indecent exposure, with her breasts nearly falling out of her push-up cleavagy bra-like thing. When I asked what she was supposed to be, she said Army sargent or lieutenant. Slutty Army sargent? For most of the night Mr. InShaw (aka the Help) was answering the door as I was feeling a little bit under the weather, but when the girls came, he was in the kitchen and I was closest to the door. Thank goodness I answered the door, sheilding him from this possibly illegal sight.

Trick or treating started at about 5:15 as some kids from the house a few doors down came by to collect. We wound down and turned off the light at 8:50pm. Because the Help was answering the door most of the time it's hard to say what the quality of the costumes were and if we got of lame teenagers. Despite me telling him to not reward teens who don't bother, he was very generous with the candy. Of course, we still have lots of candy. A neighbor had given us her stash as she was going to be away that night. So interns and students at my work place will be able to get their sugar fix today.

I did witness some lame parent excuse of collecting candy. A group came, about 3 or more kids with one or more adults. From my vantage point on the couch, I could see 1 costume. So the Help gave out the candy, and then I heard,:

Adult: Oh, gotta get some candy for the baby.

(sound of a big generous handful of candy being dumped into a plastic grocery bag)

Kid: What baby?

The cutest costume was on a toddler. His parents were carrying a little boy who appeared to be two years or less in a little lion outfit with a terry cloth like mane. His eyes had that "I don't know what's going on" look to him. When we asked the little fellow what was he supposed to be, his parents tried prompting him. Still looking a little baffled he let out the cutest "Rowwr" ever. After candy was given he roared a little more, so cute.

Hope y'all had a good Halloween, and have a happy Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos)/ All Saints Day.

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Saw the same lion baby. Cute little man. Maybe your three young ladies came by as well.

Wife: Were they wearing costumes?
Me: Sure, if you call a shower cap a costume.

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