Art and Gentrification

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IT-Logan Cir Art.jpgIT had an exhibit opening over on 14th Street at the HAL gallery in Logan Circle on Friday.

Anyway IT tends to do installations. I love IT and I want to be supportive, but most of the time, I just don't get it. Which was why another neighbor and artist who gave his interpretation was soooooo helpful. To quickly sum up what I saw, the installation was in a small dark bedroom, with a twin sized cot wrapped in a sleeping bag and heavy chains off to the sides. Behind the bed were transparent images of maniquin heads looking away. On the floor there were tiles of cardboard and a tree stump. The tree stump was connected with chain to the bed with chains. There were also photographs of the Logan Circle area circa 1990-something.

So what I can give is a small interpretation of Bri's interpretation of IT's work. If you want Bri's interpretion, you're going to have to ask Bri. I'm interpreting the interpretation. Elements are about gentrification. The cot and sleeping bag represent people who have moved into the neighborhood, who are just camping out in Shaw, until they move on to the next rung in their career ladder. They are not permanent. They are also represented by the dummy heads who do not interact with the viewer. The dummies stand in for the people too ingrossed in their crackberries and smartphones to engage with other people in the neighborhood. The stylishly cardboard tiled floor represents the homeless, another sort of transient. The tree stump represented something else, can't remember now.

Ah I should have written this all out when it was fresh.

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