Yo bike gonna get stolen


Bikes at shaw

See that bike on the far right? The blue one? Yeah, parts of that have been disappearing for months. The bikes on the left, they are new to the fence and I don't think that's a good place to secure your bike. The library across the street may be a better bet.

A general rule with bikes, they are going to get stolen. Either in full or in parts. The District Curmudgeon caught a pint sized theif walking off with a wheel. I've seen boys, also pint sized, rolling around on seatless bikes (they sit on the rear wheel bike rack). And we've heard of bikes being stolen off front porches, back porches, back yards even while locked.

I've been lucky so far, I've had 3.5 bike stealing attempts made on my bikes in the DC area. 1st in Hyattsville from the back yard where someone picked away the covering of my U-lock. 2nd in College Park where I caught 2 guys with bolt cutters trying to take my bike from just outside my bedroom window. And 3rd time at the Mt. Vernon Square metro where the rear wheel of my 3 speed was bent almost in half. The ".5" was my roommate's bike. He left his 1 speed heavy rusty bike in the front yard, unlocked. I was in the living room watching TV when I noticed this guy lifting the bike over the fence. I yelled, ran out of the house and chased him. The bike was such a POS that the guy only got a few yards down the block before he ditched it and ran away from the crazy black lady.


I love this post--it's so true! I've been fortunate enough to still be riding the same bike I got on my 12th birthday (though I lost the seat to a thief at union station and three different lights that apparently need to be welded to the metal if you want to keep them), but every day I see reminders that others are not as lucky. If you don't lock your bike's wheel with the frame, you're going to lose it; if your seat is quick release, you're going to lose it; if you have fancy lights and/or reflectors, you're probably going to lose those too. Bike safe, and lock smart people!

Some hobo sat in front of safeway watching some guy try to cut thru my lock for 10min. didnt work. One time i caught a guy creeping up to the front of the window at work with huge pair of bolt cutters, ran after him cussing bloody murder but I have never seen anyone run that fast. Right now my ride is painted flat black, has wheel locks, and the most uncomfortable seat ever. I have a sturdy u lock from bicycle space, not infallible but someone will have a hell of a time getting thru it. I dont park outside overnight ever.

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