Tuesday Miscellany- History and the O St Market

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First history. apparently you'll have to register to attend the DC Historical Studies Conference, and do it by the 28th of this month. See info here you can also email dchistoricalstudies at gmail com. Cost is $20. Now why would you want to attend? Well I'll be talking about that darned Census project I've been working on for like ever. After the conference I'll probably take a break from it, then wait for the big reveal with the 1940 census that is supposed to come out in 2012.

O St Market. Stuff is happening. Stuff had been slowly happening even before it got on the White House list of fast tracked items. Slowly. For the past few weeks I've noticed the glass being removed. Today, I saw the sign that tells me things are really moving and action is replacing talk, lotta guys in hard hats doin' stuff. Guys digging, guys standing around pointing, guys putting out orange cones. It's a beautiful thing.

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Slowly but surely progress will be made. I wonder if Mr. O knows how long this project has stalled. Glad to see everyone seems to be in lock step now at least.

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