Most of DC is affordable

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Well according to the Washington Post's graphic "What you need to earn to buy now". Most of DC being NE, SE, and SW. I'm staring at this map and apparently to buy west of 16th St NW, you need to have a household income of $120,000 to $200,000. That would be at minimum some GS-11 DINKs making $62K each, to two GS-13 step 5s or a family with a super lawyer/ plastic surgeon/ salesperson/ national news broadcaster as the main breadwinner. Good news, east of the park the map is a lovely affordable blue, except for that one square hidden under the number 1. I Can't tell where that is, could be Penn Qtr, Gallery Place and the Mt. Vernon Shapes.
Today was such a lovely day we drove through the dark purple of completely unaffordable on our way to a pick your own farm in MD. That would be Cleveland and Woodley Parks in DC and McLean Potomac in Maryland. McLean Potomac is unaffordable because the houses are as big as churches or office buildings and the lawns are the size of soccer fields.
Tomorrow we'll drive through affordable DC and maybe by Brentwood, MD in PG County. According to the map, DC zip code 20019, along Benning Rd, NE you'd need an income of $31,056 to afford a house around there. In Brentwood, MD, you'd only need $20,736 and you get representation in Congress thrown in for free. And most of Wards 7 &8, plus Ward 9 being PG County hugging the DC borders require $40K max.
So most of DC is affordable, just not the cool parts with trendy restaurants and bars, lots of designer clothes shopping, and gourmet cupcake shops. Housing you can afford, amenities? Amenities are going to cost you. You're just gonna have to be like me, wait around for 10 years and hope they show up.

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