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First let me get this thing out of the way:

Cultural Tourism is launching a new Heritage Trail called "Lift Every Voice: Georgia Ave/Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail". The 'lift every voice' part refers to the Negro National Anthem. Anyway there will be a launching this Saturday (10/15/11) at 11AM at 2041 Georgia Avenue NW in front of Howard University. You can see more information here. Yet the reason why I'm mentioning it is the first marker is down in Shaw, at 7th and T, near the Wells Fargo (formerly Wachovia) bank. So if you want to take a walk, you can start at the bank.

Now for some more history, well the project. Data clean up is a pain in the butt and I'm not going to have it cleaned up nice enough in time for the Historical Studies Conference being held at the MLK library. But I will have the mapped out data, which I gave a sneak peak of last month. I'm presenting November 5th at 1:30pm, where it's seems I'm stuck with my preliminary title "A Demographic Neighborhood: 1880-1930" and not the one that has emerged "Patterns of Segregation in Truxton Circle 1880-1930: Using census and map data to discover the character of a neighborhood." Maybe the new title was too long. I dunno. All I know I will be showing off my maps and talkin' bout the hood for 20 minutes.

I have enough data to map out where people lived. The other things, the data isn't complete and there are addresses I have to eliminate from the database because they are on the wrong side of NJ or NY Avenues. Also the data starts to present more questions than I can really answer. Like a simple one like, if people of different races are living next door to each other with no distinct pattern of this is the white block and this is the black block, is it segregated or intergrated? But more common the question I have is where the heck is this alley?

I'll do more to clean up the data so when the 1940 census comes out, I'll be ready and have something to present next year.

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