Air & Space not a financial institution

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A large group of protesters somewhat possibly related to the Occupy DC group tried to storm the Air & Space museum. I'm all for freedom of expression and speech, as long as it in no way can harm our nation's cultural heritage.
According the the Washington Post article the connection with those people who wanted to bring in banners and sticks (to hold up signs) to Occupy DC is shaky, considering how the Occupy protests are loosely organized. Regardless, if something inside one of our many cultural institutions upsets or angers you, protest outside! Working and studying (I did take a museum class or two) in the various museums in the DC metro area, I can easily see how something on display can be damaged beyond repair by a large group of people with prohibited items who don't intend to destroy anything.
Even the regular crowds, slowly damage things by shedding hair and skin, and raising the humidity levels of exhibit spaces. There is no need to accelerate damage by knocking into something, accidentally having a sign catch on something, or getting a mass of people press pass ropes or over barriers.

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Even if the protesters decided that the Air & Space museum somehow fetishizes the use of missiles and drones in battle, somehow entrances visitors to blindly cheerlead for push-button warfare, it's still a wildly inappropriate place to stage a protest showdown. Beyond the potential it has for repelling supporters of the general "Occupy" movement -- of which I am one -- it's just stupid. It penalizes the wrong people and makes an easy target for Occupy critics to aim at instead of addressing the core concerns of the movement (politicians are bought and paid for by the most powerful interests in the country; the wealth gap is too wide; the financial sector has been unfairly shielded from sacrifice and the concept of moral hazard; etc.) And, not to put too fine a point on it: the friggin Capitol is just down the street. Why not go march around on the east or west steps? That's where votes are taken, decisions are made, contributions are aimed.

The Smithsonian? C'MON.

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