Waiting for plague

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My house starts the basements on our block. Though I don't have a real basement. I have a crawlspace/short people basement. It's fine if you five foot something. Anyway this week it flooded. Again. The problem, again, was the sump pump. The pipes for the thing broke off and shot water all through. So we've been dealing with that.

Water is coming up through the floor. The dehumidifer is helping. We're (the Help is) are talking to contractors to redo the blasted thing, so it can be a better laundry, utility, winter clothes and various kitchen crap storage area.

This morning I found my kitchen wall covered in ants. I guess their little underground home got flooded and they decided to go to a drier area, my kitchen. I tried vinegar. Then I brought out the chemical warfare.

So flood and pests. What's next?

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