Preview of 7 year study of TC from 1880-1930


Well I'm getting close to the end. Just a lot of data clean up. Anyway wanted to give a preview of the study of the Truxton Circle area. Below are three hand drawn and colored maps. The one on the left is 1880, the next 1900, and 1910 on the right. These are rough drafts. Brown represents African Americans, Yellow/Orange are Whites, and if you can see it, Green is for Asians. Red is for businesses and the Homeopathic Hospital and blue is for government own property. The Twinning School is red with a yellow center as it was a school for white children.

3 maps 

I left blank squares 551 and 614 for 1910. I'll fill that out later. Also I discovered colored pencils would be better than markers and thus there is a big black X on the 1880 square 615, where I made an error. The empty spaces mean there is no census data for that property, or there was a business there, or it was a huge track of land, like George Glorius' property where he had his green house.

I also need to draw in alleys. That's what those brown splotches in the middle of a block are, people living in the alleys.

Anyway give me your thoughts. 


These are great! Will you be posting pdfs of them when you're done? I'm interested in seeing them - particularly once the alley lines are included (I own a home on Hanover, which, I believe was originally an alley).

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