Monday's BACA mtg

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I have notes from Monday's BACA mtg, however, not with me. So I'm going by memory.
* Ward 5 redistricting- As far as SMDs go, the folks in the unit block parts of the TC may wind up in a different SMD. 
* Crime- Robberies on N Cap involve 2 or more jumping a victim. And don't leave stuff in your car for even 15 minutes, as one guy experienced. These are crimes of opportunity. 
Also related to crime the problems that were in the park have moved to nearby blocks. Residents be aware and call 911, even if it is a bunch of 13 year olds playing craps. Or adults playing craps, apparently there was a shooting over a craps game.
* There was a vote for a BACA secretary. His name is in the notes.
* Weatherization- there was a woman who presented and left literature.

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