Monday Miscellany: Bates Break-ins, Taquiera, and stolen mail

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Last week, and continuing on this week, the back and forth emails between several of my neighbors have been about recent break ins of units on the 100-200 block of Bates Street and a car being stolen from our block. The sad news was after the break in on Bates the owners cats were missing. Two indoor cats. Hopefully they have found their way back home, if not a black cat and a grey cat are lost.

Sticking with crime and bad stuff, walking home Thursday or Friday I noticed a box on the 400 block of R Street. It was empty save for some insert that can usually be found in small square boxes when you order stuff. Further along the gate I saw packing paper. With my foot I went to see if the box still had an address. It did and so picked it up and went to the NJ Ave address around the corner. Knocked and no one was at home. I left the box on the stoop. When I order things on-line for home delivery I know this can happen. Pricey stuff I have delivered at my spouse's job. Other stuff, which has almost no to little value to anyone else (worms, books, used clothes ordered off eBay) will come to the house and I hope for the best.


Yesterday we walked over to Eagle Cafe on 9th Street, where the old Vegetate Restaurant used to be. It was our second try. First time we were there we got chips and salsa and I don't remember being charged for them. The chips had a slightly sweet taste and were pretty good. The salsa, a little on the spicy side to me. Unedible, because of the spice for the Help, who has a low tolerance for spicy food. We had Mexican Cokes, with real sugar. Our second visit, no chips. I had a veggie burrito and I forgot what the Help had. This time we ate on the 2nd floor and it seems unchanged from the Vegetate days. I miss those veggie sliders. Anyway, food was good and filling and on the spicy side. Well the salsa fresca (I think that's the name) was very spicy to me. Maybe I'm a spice wuss. The food is good and makes for a nice cheap date. My only quibble is the speed of service. I find it slow, particularly around bill paying time when I'm ready to hit the road and walk off a bit of my meal.

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