Let's Hope Howard Doesn't Make the Same Mistakes

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Howard Theater Under Construction
With all the talk about the Lincoln and it's eventual demise due to poor management I figured I should wander by the Howard and see how it's doing, after stopping by the Dunbar to get a few dollars. The Dunbar long ago was a theater, and now is a bank. Most old theaters find new life as a CVS, but as there is already a CVS a block away, and this is far too big to be a CVS, selling lotion, diabetes strips and condoms may not be in this building's future.
Hopefully the operators of the Howard will make it a profitable venue. Profitable as in ticket sales to individuals and groups, location rentals to wedding parties and corporate shin-digs, and whatever actually brings in the cash these days. Not trying to keep it afloat by begging the local and federal government to keep it around because 60. 70 years ago some famous people stopped by there while making real money for paying audiences.

1 Comment

If the theater thing doesn't work out it's a fabulous location for a methadone clinic, with the famous 7th and T open air heroin market right there.

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