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I got the press release from Eleanor Holmes Norton's office. Instead of deleting it on sight, I bothered reading it and was confused. Summed up it said 1/3rd of workers at the DHS site were District residents. So? And. Well actually what I needed to know is what is the preferred precentage. EHN has mentioned (to my recollection) in the past that some federal contracts have something stating percentages or numbers of District residents. Was that in this deal? I'm trying to figure out, did someone actually do something wrong?

Two of my neighbors work for Clark, a major contractor working on the St. E site. I'm not sure what exactly they do. I imagine they stand around in hard hats and Dockers and point at stuff. I guess they might yell stuff to guys in Spanish, then go back to pointing at stuff. One of those neighbors has been with Clark for well over 5 years, so I assume Clark already has people and relationships with sub-contractors well before starting a job with little need to go about hiring a huge percentage of extra people for just one job.

As it has been pointed out District residents hoping to move up via these construction jobs are wasting time. When I last looked at the Bureau of Labor's Career One Stop, as far as occupations go management and security are your best bets with the most job openings in DC. Construction jobs are no where in the top 50 of careers with the most openings. And unless you count industrial engineers, there aren't any building careers in the construction field in the top 25 fastest growing careers. We'd do better by preparing DC's unemployed to feel people up as TSA agents at the airport, or for something else that businesses and bureaus are actually hiring for, not the 1950s economy.

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District residents planning their own personal career growth in the construction industry are just wasting their time right? Cos' we all know that DC's just a city on the way down; we won't be seeing anybody rehabilitating old houses and buildings, or any new mixed use, and larger buildings right?

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