Fall Gardening

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Let me introduce you to a site called Dinner Garden. It's in Texas and it was started by a woman who isn't a great gardener but as she says an enthusiastic one. What she does is send seeds to needy families in America so they can grow some of their own food with a few seeds. From her site I wandered over to World Food Garden where they have a handy dandy what to plant when guide. Just pop in your zip code, hit find, then select this location.

According to the guide, on the 26th I should plant beets. Today is swiss chard. I look forward to the stuff I'll be able to get out of my fall/winter container garden. I'm going to try to get some arugula and spinach out of the front yard.

Also from the Dinner Garden site I find Life on the Balcony, which is a small space/ container gardening site and the Urban Organic Gardener. Check out the Urban Gardener's gardens, it shows you don't need fancy pots for gardening.

Since the Spring planting plants are nearly done with. The stupid cherry tomato seems to be done and maybe I should tear it out, regardless of the little green balls on it. However there is a normal tomato that I'll keep around until frost. I've learned I should rip out the turnips earlier than later. I threw some more turnip seeds in the ground a few weeks ago and now I have seedlings. I need to find my arugula seeds and tear out the sad looking adult arugula.

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