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O St Nothin

To sum up what I've read off the Shaw Neighborhood listserv. Giant is closing Thursday. The construction might not start until sometime in winter because of financing is weird and wonky, and the shuttle to get seniors and the disabled to another Giant is designed to fail quickly. I guess you Ward 2 people, while you're still Ward 2 people should ask your CM wtf? Because the financing has something to do with the CFO. My family has decided to take advantage of our MD/DC & PQ/TC commute we have and enjoy the new Yes market in Hyattsville, maybe the Giant on Rhode Island Avenue and the Safeway on 5th that is along the P6 bus route or if things aren't too heavy, an extended walk home. And remember the G2 that goes by Giant goes by Whole Foods.

Worst case scenario, I'm thinking, the block with the Giant and 1/2 of the Kelsey Gardens/Addison Sq, will make one big development desert. Conspiracy theory me, says the Ward 2 CM knew this project was troubled and didn't fight for it as much as the beloved Convention Center.

This area could be so great, but alas, *sigh*.


Oh how true. You bet your bum that Evans knew, but he doesn't care enough. He's let funds for this project be diverted numerous times to other projects (including the beloved Convention Center Hotel). This project has been in the pipe since I was a kid and the O Street Market first burnt down.

"Ward 2 people should ask your CM wtf?"

I hear that the Ward 2 Councilmber and staff have basically abandoned their Shaw constituents, leaving us in limbo until martyr/saint councilmembr Wells takes over as Shaw's Ward 6 representative in January.

WFT, Jack?

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