@dcfireems and Gray BS

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I call bullsh!t. A truely democratic government needs to be an open government. And every politician as soon as they get in power starts drawing the curtins putting the functions of serving the public in the dark. This guy is a vampire if he can't stand the sunshine.

Okay I get encrypting the police scanners. Fine. The drug boys don't need to hear y'all coming. But EMS? Seriously? Really? How does it help the terrorists if we know there was a hit and run downtown or a fire in Petworth?

Mayor Vincent Gray said the press was "disrespectful". No calling you a vampire or Count Chocula is disrespectful, demanding a service that was timely, informative, and shone light on the activities of one area of city services is trying to make you accountable. The reasons for clamping down on @dcfireems (beside the guy being on vacation) is lame and a poor pitiful excuse worthy of pre-Control Board DC city services.

You know what filtering means? I interpret it as the twitter has to get the ok from a superior who is hostile to twitter and we'll have to go back to DC Fire to figure out what the agency did.

UPDATE: Huzzah for bitching. DCist reports that the filter is off. Party on!

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