Confused Redfin Photos for 1625 5th St NW


Take a look at the listing for 1625 5th St NW. Take a look at the first photo that pops up. Where the hell is that? That is a tall building somewhere. Somewhere not in a block of the 1600 block of 5th. The area looks familiar, as if I've been there, but I can't say for the life of me where this place is.

Then there are the other photos.The second is of the fridge, taken from the vantage point of the floor. I guess it's to show the cabinets and the ceiling in the background. Also the fridge is the white non-fancy kind with several magnets. Ah, don't Realors tell you to get rid of all those personal touches when trying to sell the home? And why are there 3 photos of the blue twin bed with the white stuffed tiger? Is the furniture and tiger included in the $550K? What the place looks like it needs are several Rubbermaid totes and some place off site to store all that personal clutter.

Then there is the description:

Location, location, location! This property is located in the heart of the city. Within walking distance to the bustling U St. Corridor, the charm of Brookland, and the posh of Chinatown. In this location life is at your doorstep. There is a plethora of things to do, see taste and enjoy right in city center! Showings by appointment only.

Oh that's not a good sign. It's all about the location and not the quality of the house. And it is not in walking distance (to me at least) to Brookland. Bloomingdale yes, Brookland, that's a hike on foot.

Really if it sells for $550K then, heck I could sell mine for just as much and I could talk about the quality of my house and block. I could include a whole house history and a house present. I could talk about how great my neighbors are and what I actually walk to around here. I could take pictures of the inside of my 10 year old fridge and my 100+ year old pine floors.


i think that first pic is from where florida, vermont, 9th, and w all meet up.

That first photo is of the Rhapsody, a condo building on Florida Avenue, across the street from the 930 Club.

saw that one, really funny. i truly love the white tiger, just like the ones they have at the restaurant.

That building is called the Rhapsody. It is 2120 Vermont (9th).

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