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Good gravy.

Okay a quick run down on the program and then the email.

KIPP- A charter school that educates African American students (haven't noticed students of any other race at KIPP), some who live in the neighborhood, and some who get dropped off by their parents. It is a very proactive school. Has a playground on site. I've seen children there.

Mayor Adian Fenty- Former mayor, replaced by Vincent Gray.

Jack Evans- Ward 2 Councilman. Bundy falls in his ward. White guy who will be happy to unload this part of Shaw unto Ward 6 CM Tommy Wells, another white guy who seems to deal with race a bit better.

Alex Padro- ANC commissioner, Shaw Main Streets dude, gets around the whole of ANC 2C, regardless if it is or isn't his SMD.

Rachelle Nigro- ANC Commissioner. Unseated a woman (and former Thorpe puppet) whose name I forgot.

Kevin Chapple- ANC commissioner. AfAm lawyer dude. Like the song, don't get around much anymore.

Leroy Thorpe- Former ANC commissioner, until unseated my a more active Kevin Chapple. Demagogue. Last heard president of the racially exclusive ECCA civic association. Chapple and Martin Moulton are banned from his meetings.

Martin Moulton- President of the rival, and more racially inclusive, CCCA civic association. Tall bald black man who rides a bike, and is involved with KIPP and other positive things in the community. Can be a rabble rouser. Was sued in long stupid lawsuit by Thorpe. Lesson of lawsuit, don't cc Thorpe, don't give him fliers or else he'll sue you.

Doris Brooks- ANC Commissioner. Former puppet of Leroy Thorpe. AfAm woman and senior citizen.

Information about my writings about the Bundy field and meetings can be found here and here, and here.

And now the email:

Hi Francisco

There is a big community problem with the proposed dog park at Bundy Field and I thin the Mayor should be aware of this. A dog park was established for the Shaw community during the Fenty Administration at 11th & R Streets, NW. The ANC wothou proper input to the ANC 2-C Commission constituents voted 4-0 to place a drog park at Bundy. Commissioner Kevin Chapple never consulted the Black community organizations in Shaw not the larger Black population regarding his vote.  Commissioner Brooks opposes the dog park and did not know she voted on the dog park during the meeting probably due to her sickness. Commissioner Nigro never informed her majority Black constituents of her vote and Commissioner Padro as well according to his constituent Mary Sutherland who lives across the street from Padro.

Moreover, KIPP never reached out to the Black community and the other Black neighboring organizations regarding supporting a dog park despite the fact that the ECCA opposed the dog park and invited the KIPP Principal to our ECCA meetings twinge which she declined.  KIPP General Counsel Alex also failed to brief the Black community on a proposed dog and was present at our ECCA Meeting on 9/12/11 when the ECCA voted against the proposed dog park - also Ahnna Smith was present and witnessed the vote.

It appears that race and class are the motivating issues to place the dog park at Bundy and Ahnna Emit and Alex Shaw both stated at the 9/12/11 ECCA Meeting that the dog park was not a done deal but has moved forward without the input Black residents.  I missed a meeting at Bundy today with Mr. Shawe and arrived at 1:30 PM at Bundy amongst two dozen angry black women living at 2nd NW across the street from Bundy who complained that Alex Shaw and Ahnna Smith lied at the ECCA Meeting stating noting has been etched in stone about the proposed dog park.

The ECCA believe that park should be about children and residents and programs designed for the instead of a dog.  Unfortunately according to these woman Mr. Shawe and Ahmma Smith are lying to the Black community to shove this dog par down Black peoples throats. Commissioner Padro lied to these folks and should be investigated. We also want this matter moved above Ahnna Smith head by the Dc Government to be dealt with. This is not the Mayors image of 1 Citry we need to comprise on something else other than a dog park for all citizens.

Thank you.

A classic DC way to attack something is to claim racism or racial insensitivity against Black people, provided there are a few white people who are on the other side of the arguement. Also what is completely ignored is the DC Parks and Rec run Kennedy Recreational Center on the block that is Sq. 446, which is probably about 1-3 blocks away from most folks in these arguements, as well as the small tot lot on KIPP grounds.


There are black people in Shaw who have dogs. I've seen 'em.

I got banned from the ECCA meetings too.

The CCCA and I have reached out to everyone in the Shaw neighborhood and beyond. We gave a scholarship award (an Apple MacBookPro) to a brilliant young "AA" 2ndNWCoop student (graduate of Wilson High) this year. Part of my own "outreach" extending my hand to shake the hand of "someone" is what triggered "the lawsuit."

Lesson learned: Don't let small, old, portly, ignorant, stupid, litigious people stop you from trying to do what's right or prevent you from being active and involved in your community -- and keep your mouth open.

Gunter Grass: “The job of a citizen is to keep his mouth open.”

via Twitter @CCCAPrez #39
Frederick Douglass: "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."

and another classis FD quote:
"Agitate, agitate, agitate!"

Also, I would contend that I am not "bald" since I shave my head regularly. The 'fro is pretty gray these days, and I refuse to dye it with henna or other frui-frui colors, as others do.


"Ward 6 CM Tommy Wells, another white guy who seems to deal with race a bit better."

The crazy folks in Shaw supersede race, so Wells is going to have his hands full regardless. I know, I know - he is the savior of Shaw and Jack Evans never did anything for the neighborhood or crazy Martin Moulton who hugs you one day and spits on you the next.

In short, the egos of Moulton, Thorpe, and the others make life hell for everybody in Shaw, myself included. They hold the hood back in a way that cancels out all of their good intentions and iPad presentations.

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