Where were you when the big one hit?

Penn Qtr after the 2011 EarthquakeAt first I thought some one was playing with my chair. But when I turned to my co-workers to ask if they felt that, the big tremor hit. We heard stuff falling from the upper floors and I headed for the emergency exit. Security let us leave immediately.
Yeah, I know, you're supposed to seek a doorway.
I tried calling my husband but there was a problem with my provider so I used a co-worker's phone to try. Then I just texted him.
For awhile a whole bunch of us just stood around telling 9-11 stories, how today reminded them of what happened nearly 10 years ago. I was in Denver. For a conference. 2 full days on a bus to get back home.
Anyway it was about 30 minutes later when my building was evacuated. About 10-20 minutes when they told us to go home and allowed some to go back in and get there stuff. I had left my bag, but before then I was hoping that a certain someone with copies of my keys were home should I have to walk home and if phone service remained down.
Oh, yeah, times like this, so happy home is within walking distance. On my way home I saw quickly emptying CaBi stands and exceedingly full buses. I tried to stop by Bed Bath and Beyond, but they were closed. Yet apparently you still could see a movie at Gallery Place. The ACE hardware on 5th was open but they didn't have the gadget I needed. The bars were full.
So I got a question for you, particularly if you work for a federal agency. Did security tell you to leave or you decided on your own? And if security did get you to leave, how long was it after the quake. Answers can be anonymous.


At my agency, security told us to leave about 20-30 minutes after we evacuated the building.

I work in Dupont and we weren't told to evacuate at all. We stood in the doorway for a few minutes, finished my meeting, then worked for the rest of the day. By the time I left all had calmed down on my bike ride home. My house has some cracks inside and out so we'll see about that.

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