Miscellaneous observations

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N Cap pop up rear

First, the back of the future wine shop/ wine bar with unknown purpose upper floors, which is possibly 1636 or 1638 or 1644 North Capitol St NW. Anyway, if you want photos of the front, wander over to PoP. Anyway, this is a view of the rear from the alley of a bunch of residential properties. On the far right edge you can see a wee bit of the Firehouse. What's in the middle is the Capitol Market- quickie mart. Residents of the unit blocks of R and Quincy tend to have big enough backyards or a tiny parking space so the issue of parking isn't too much of a problem should the Firehouse and the unnamed wine bar attract non-walking residents. However, the people on the block between Quincy and Florida will have problems as they use what little space there is on Quincy for parking.

Pre-School integrated. This is just an observation. But the Home Away From Home Child Development Center/ Pre-Kindergarden on New Jersey and R Sts. I've passed by this place for years on my way to work and have encountered the staff who are very friendly. I've also observered parents dropping off and picking up their kids, mostly mothers, some fathers, and a number of them driving. One day I noticed a couple of little blonde heads, and figured it was some sort of fluke, because up until now the daycare had been completely African American. Saw the non-black kids again recently, so I guess the school has now been integrated. I haven't been inside (no reason to, no kids), but I know someone who has, who at the time was disappointed with the facilities. But that was a couple of years ago, possibly before the friendly maintenance(?) guy came on.

O Street Market still has nothin' going on. Well I don't know if that dumpster is new or if I'm just now noticing it.

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