Medical Marijuana Dispensary to be located at the 1300 Blk of North Capitol Street

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Oh hell nawh.

[sarcasm]Because we were so sad when we heard the nearby methadone clinic moving away.[/sarcasm]

I'm sorry but my last trip to California I saw the results of these things. While thumbing through the local version of the City Paper in San Jose, there were tons and tons of ads for Medical Marijuana dispensaries and associated services and they outnumbered the Girls-Girls-Girls ads. The dispensaries we passed while driving around, not the greatest of neighborhoods. I think the TC is better than that.

Anyway, at the September 12th BACA meeting, David A. Guard, CEO of VentureForth, is scheduled to speak about a medical marijuana dispensary for N. Cap.

Reminder BACA meetings take place in the basement of the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church at 3rd and Q at 7pm.

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Thanks for highlighting this topic to your blog readers, Mari.

You might wish to read this article from today’s Washington Post:

D.C. lets over 50 seek pot licenses
Winners to be named next year 15 will get to sell or grow medicinal marijuana
By Annys Shin and Victor Zapana, Sunday, September 04 10:31 PM

The article does not specifically name David Guard of VentureForthLLC.

Since the greater neighborhood is now a potential home for a medical marijuana dispensary, it behooves us to keep abreast of the local press coverage on the topic.

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