Kelsey Gardens to be raised, long live Addison Sq.

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 According to the City Paper, which also has a PDF of the paperwork, the developers have put in for a raze permit to bring these suckers down.

Addison Square, which is to replace the apartments, is gonna be big. As in size. Imagine lots of dust, dirt and I'm almost willing to bet money a blocked sidewalk. Now add that to the construction that might (I'm sorry after so many years of talk I keep doubting) occur over at O Street, the area from Q St to O Street along 7th is gonna be a mess.

Now a question, where will the crazy old guys hang out? The old guys (and gals) that currently hang out on 7th, across the street from the laundromat, in the parking lot of the Giant and at the Circulator bus stop. Maybe the P Street bus stop and in front of the laundromat?

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