If it didn't happen does it matter?


We, three of us, myself, the Help, and a neighbor, were driving back to the house when I noticed something coming down R St. There was a woman, slender, pony tail bouncing away, white earbuds and iSomething in her left hand which extended with her advancing steps. About 4 feet directly behind her on the sidewalk was a kid on a bike going slowly. I pointed it out to my companions and we watched at the intersection as the woman crossed and the kid stayed a good 3-4 feet behind her, without trying to pass, and she seemed completely oblivious to the situation. As they both made it through the intersection, we all looked at the kid and the kid, who was in his late teens, looked back at us looking at him. Not feeling right about it, we swung the car around the block to see the woman make it to the next corner, without the kid on the bike following her so closely. This was about 6:15PM on Saturday. Nothing happened. But something in my gut says we prevented something from happening.

Anyway, be aware of your surroundings. Stop holding your iCrap with one hand extended out from your body.

Also in the land of stuff that didn't happen, but we know it matters, the Youth Build charter school will be developing the JF Cook School without the housing part that made the neighbors angry. See more from Caryn at the BACA blog. What didn't happen? Subsidized housing for the non-elderly in an area that shares a block with S.O.M.E.


I'm confused -- what did you mean by that last sentence? Are you suggesting that the area would have benefited from the housing part, or would have suffered? Not trying to be difficult, just didn't get the gist.

Thank you for clarifying -- I mostly agree. I actually live on the unit block of O St NW, so am well aware of these facts of life. I think on this block we actually gain some benefit from SOME's immediate proximity (clients don't hang on our block long, extra eyes from their security staff), but that doesn't outweigh the negatives.

I actually think and hope that the MM Washington scheme will be a positive element, bringing in a large number of people to a relatively empty block. I know the housing is subsidized, but I don't get the impression that this is remotely like the old JFC proposal -- I think these folks will really be making a home there. I hope that they will actually serve to take away from the idea that this area (and my block in particular) is nothing but social services. Older folks tend to vote and take action ... maybe we'll get SOME to show a bit more respect with that many more active voices so nearby. We shall see, though!

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