Friday Dump

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I keep a bunch of stuff in my folder to blog about, and I should write something before it goes stale.

Capital City/Florida Ave Market/ That Big Warehousey Area on FL Av is now Union Market- Richard Layman of Rebuilding Space in the Urban Place blog also with Elise of Frozen Tropics cover the Florida Avenue Market in a blog called Capital City Market. Anyway he's noticed that the marketing brand for the area is being called Union Market. Also August 20th, there will be ice cream there.

Can't wait till next week? Well in Shaw this weekend a celebrity chef, from one of those cable shows (we don't have cable so what do I know) will be serving BBQ. Aug. 13th, 1-5PM,  @ 5th adn Q St NW. CCCA prez has more info here.

Also this Saturday, like a lot of Saturdays, there is a farmers/community market in Columbia Heights. I get the pr and I feel bad I never post anything.

Monday there is going to be a meeting about the Florida Avenue Park at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, sponsored by BACA. So corner of Q and 3rd, in the church basement from 6:30-8:30. There will be discussions about creating a "Friends of ..." for the park.

Speaking of BACA, in case you missed it, the Flower Power winners were announced.

And I'm going to end on BACA. One of the BACA bloggers, Peter K and his wife Joan are leaving our area to head back west. Both Peter and Joan have been active residents, involved with various neighborhood improvement efforts. It was also a joy running into them on the G2, on any given weekday during the PM rush hours or on the street. They will be missed. It's always sad when friends move away.

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