DCGOP puts Harry Thomas Jr. in its sights

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Harry Thomas Jrs new beard
Okay on one level I get it. It is sort of like LeroyThorpe.Com, a site dedicated to making sure the good people on the other side of New Jersey Avenue do not elect that guy to anything ever again. But anyway, the DC GOP have launched HarryThomas.Com, should you like to spend time attacking the current Ward 5 Councilman.
Anyway here's the PR release:
Dear DC Republican,

Please tune in today at 11:30am to 89.3 FM or listen online at www.WPFW.org as I will be discussing some of the DCGOP's efforts and plans for 2012.

Also, I will be discussing the new website the DCGOP launched at www.HarryThomasJr.com. Its a website that helps residents understand more clearly what is happening inside the Wilson Building and more specifically with Ward 5 Democrat Councilmember Harry Thomas. Last November, Ward 5 GOP Council candidate Tim Day requested that Mr. Thomas's non-profit be investigated. As a result, the DC Attorney General sued Mr. Thomas $1 million dollars in civil damages. Mr. Thomas settled to pay back the District over $300,000 in damages. This was all due to the work of the DCGOP and Tim Day. At www.HarryThomasJr.com you can read more about this issue and efforts going forward.

Hope you have a chance to tune in!


Yes, I am a Republican but I really don't feel a whole lot of ill will towards Thomas, mainly because I don't think he's going anywhere, he's a likeable fellow, and for now it isn't practical to point out he can't run a non-profit or handle a checking account without incurring stupid fees. 

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