Boundary Stone- getting closer

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Ok Scott Roberts hasn't put this out on the blog but the listserv:

Here is some Boundary Stone Public House news from Gareth Croke:
Boundary Stone Public House is looking for a dedicated kitchen staff with a
strong passion for ``from scratch`` cuisine. 

The following positions are available:
Line Cooks:  3-4 years in high-paced kitchen experience necessary
Prep:  1 year professional experience necessary (great opportunity for culinary
students to gain valuable hands-on experience in the work field)
Dishwashers:  Experience is not necessary, but beneficial
If you have a diligent work ethic and true passion for food prepared from fresh,
quality ingredients, then this is a great employment opportunity for you.  Come
work with a fun, professional staff in a highly anticipated new neighborhood
Please send all enquiries and resumes to: neighborhoodpub*at*
Boundary Stone, located near the intersection of 1st & Rhode Island Avenue NW in
Bloomingdale, is not yet open.  Visit the website at .

Hiring staff, one of the best indicators of an opening.

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