Amazing Osso Buco

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Leftover osso buco, which I had for lunch was amazing. I want more.

I got the veal meat from Painted Hand Farms, which comes to the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market. It was my first try at making the dish so I asked for a small package of meat. Yesterday I was under the weather, when I cooked the dish and too preoccupied with being sick and feeling like crap. But I do remember it was good, what little I ate. Today, 1/2 as crappy, still not feeling great and I dragged myself into work because... I dunno. For lunch, I had yesterday's leftovers that was frozen last night. It was amazingly good. Like the best thing I ever ate good.

It was the meat, and the carrots, lovage, parsley and bay leaves from the back yard and the tomatotes and onion and garlic from the farmer's market that made this so great I had to blog about it.

Now as soon as this euphoria wears off I'm going back to feeling like *bleech*.

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