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Blame half measures


Hurricane Damage 2There is now tarp over the black house's facade and bright orange stickers were plastered on the doors of the yellow, black and fuscia colored houses. The other day I ran into someone I knew who lived around there and was more familiar with the history of those houses. It seems about 10 years ago the yellow house caught on fire and wasn't really repaired right. Then the person who owned the yellow house tried to sell it but could not. Maybe the rear deck, which a friend of my source said was wobbly, may have frightened away buyers. Anyway the owner, not being able to sell, rented it to students. So my source believes it was poor maintenance on the yellow house's part that took the other two houses with it. Townhome owners your houses are connected by more than that party wall.

We also talked about the condos in the structure on 5th and R, and the interior looks crazy. Like they have no clue as to what the heck they are doing crazy.

Absolutely unrelated DCMud has some architectural drawings related to the WonderBread factory on S Street.

Various things

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Full Yum on N. Cap wants liquor [BACA]

The Safeway in Mt Vernon Triange is open 24 hours, TV dinners and TV other all on one block. [The Triangle]

Bread for the City has gardening workshops [Blog for the City]

The Washington Gateway Project over on Eckington Pl [NoMa]

Regarding the shooting around 4th and M [Homicide Watch]

Oh hell nawh.

[sarcasm]Because we were so sad when we heard the nearby methadone clinic moving away.[/sarcasm]

I'm sorry but my last trip to California I saw the results of these things. While thumbing through the local version of the City Paper in San Jose, there were tons and tons of ads for Medical Marijuana dispensaries and associated services and they outnumbered the Girls-Girls-Girls ads. The dispensaries we passed while driving around, not the greatest of neighborhoods. I think the TC is better than that.

Anyway, at the September 12th BACA meeting, David A. Guard, CEO of VentureForth, is scheduled to speak about a medical marijuana dispensary for N. Cap.

Reminder BACA meetings take place in the basement of the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church at 3rd and Q at 7pm.

Bad news all around

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Townhome Damage 1
We were up early and the Help was planning on venturing out to Maryland for church. While we watched the news there was a very short report about the damage on R St. Seen in the photo above. That's the 500 block of R St NW. I thought I had a photo of this block taken previously but I seemed not to have tagged it, and thus, can't find it.
Other bad news, Shaw Tavern is closing. Apparently it's business model was too dependent on getting a liquor license right away and so they are closed. HT to Bloomingdale blog.
Also no Bloomingdale Farmers market today and there are hardly any ramen noodles left at Giant.
One nice thing, during the rain on Saturday we spotted 4 or more adults on 3rd street dancing in the rain. They looked happy.

Don't leave stuff in your vehicle

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Junky Truck

Just a reminder, remember not to leave stuff in your car. Also don't put your laptop or other expensive stuff in your trunk then walk away either.

Other miscellany:

I felt last night's earthquake. Took me an hour to get back to sleep and I had an earthquake related dream. G-d wants me to get bungie cords, lots of bungie cords. Hopefully Giant has them.

Bread for the City has a neat post about their rooftop gardening efforts.

Next weekend the NorthWest Co-op (the one over in the TC, not the other one on 5th) is having a multi-family yard sale next weekend.

CSI:DC miscellany

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Cops and tape
Yesterday according to the DC Fire and EMS tweet there was a stabbing at 7th and H. according to me, there was tons of yellow tape, the stores along 7th St in the complex had their exterior doors closed off, people were walking in the street... Oh forgot people normally walk in the street around there anyway.
Mt Vernon Miscellany
The annual firehosing sponsored by the United House of Prayer will take place this Saturday. There will be street closures. Copy and pasted from the MVSQ listerv:
I spoke with Apostle Treadwell from The United House of Prayer on the 600 block of M St NW and here is the schedule.

Celebration starts:
Monday August 22, 2011 8pm to 10:30pm
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 8pm to 10:30pm
Wednesday August 24, 2011 8pm to 10:30pm
Thursday August 25, No celebration
Friday August 26, 2011 8pm to 10:30pm
Saturday, August 27 8pm to 10:30pm
Sunday August 28 Baptismal 11am to 1:30pm

M St NW will be closed between 6th and 7th St NW.
Street closure will begin at 7am to 2pm on Sunday.
The community is encouraged to attend and participate.

This weekend at the Convention Center there will be the Table of Brotherhood Project thing going, in relation with the MLK memorial dedication. There is stuff going on now and will continue through the weekend. I expect crowds.

Where were you when the big one hit?

Penn Qtr after the 2011 EarthquakeAt first I thought some one was playing with my chair. But when I turned to my co-workers to ask if they felt that, the big tremor hit. We heard stuff falling from the upper floors and I headed for the emergency exit. Security let us leave immediately.
Yeah, I know, you're supposed to seek a doorway.
I tried calling my husband but there was a problem with my provider so I used a co-worker's phone to try. Then I just texted him.
For awhile a whole bunch of us just stood around telling 9-11 stories, how today reminded them of what happened nearly 10 years ago. I was in Denver. For a conference. 2 full days on a bus to get back home.
Anyway it was about 30 minutes later when my building was evacuated. About 10-20 minutes when they told us to go home and allowed some to go back in and get there stuff. I had left my bag, but before then I was hoping that a certain someone with copies of my keys were home should I have to walk home and if phone service remained down.
Oh, yeah, times like this, so happy home is within walking distance. On my way home I saw quickly emptying CaBi stands and exceedingly full buses. I tried to stop by Bed Bath and Beyond, but they were closed. Yet apparently you still could see a movie at Gallery Place. The ACE hardware on 5th was open but they didn't have the gadget I needed. The bars were full.
So I got a question for you, particularly if you work for a federal agency. Did security tell you to leave or you decided on your own? And if security did get you to leave, how long was it after the quake. Answers can be anonymous.

In brief: MD pees in DC and TV in MVT

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Will the owner of a dark sedan, MD plates 6AE Sor 5 71, please refain from publicly peeing in DC alleys. Indoor plumbing is awesome, man, use it.

And the Washington Post has a piece on the transgender community that is around 4th and K Streets, which is Mount Vernon Triangle.

Long, loud, and freaking early


Mosque on 4th My clock said about 5:04AM when the call to prayer started blasting. I thought the earliest couldn't be before 5:30 or something but a quick look says today's prayers could start at 5:10AM. My alarm doesn't go off until 6 something. Normally, if the speakers at the mosque on 4th St aren't cranked to what seems to be 11 on the dial, and if they are a few phrases, I can quickly get back to sleep. However this morning whomever was doing the call, was loud, and spent a good amount of time vocalizing before getting to the familar "Allah Akbar" part.

Most of the time, the sounds of the call to prayer are pleasant and add character to the neighborhood. Yet the calls are not consistant when going out on the loudspeakers that can be heard at least 2 blocks away. It is not a recording.

Cranes in their natural habitat

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Cranes in the morning light

Sorry I've got nothing, as I'm trying to produce something for my agency's blog, which involves more research and formatting.

So here's a picture from 7th Street of the cranes. If you want to get up in arms about something, Bloomingdale has the story of some horrible dog owner who unleashed her dog in the  toddler area. Kids and strangers dogs, gotta keep 'em separated.

DCGOP puts Harry Thomas Jr. in its sights

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Harry Thomas Jrs new beard
Okay on one level I get it. It is sort of like LeroyThorpe.Com, a site dedicated to making sure the good people on the other side of New Jersey Avenue do not elect that guy to anything ever again. But anyway, the DC GOP have launched HarryThomas.Com, should you like to spend time attacking the current Ward 5 Councilman.
Anyway here's the PR release:
Dear DC Republican,

Please tune in today at 11:30am to 89.3 FM or listen online at as I will be discussing some of the DCGOP's efforts and plans for 2012.

Also, I will be discussing the new website the DCGOP launched at Its a website that helps residents understand more clearly what is happening inside the Wilson Building and more specifically with Ward 5 Democrat Councilmember Harry Thomas. Last November, Ward 5 GOP Council candidate Tim Day requested that Mr. Thomas's non-profit be investigated. As a result, the DC Attorney General sued Mr. Thomas $1 million dollars in civil damages. Mr. Thomas settled to pay back the District over $300,000 in damages. This was all due to the work of the DCGOP and Tim Day. At you can read more about this issue and efforts going forward.

Hope you have a chance to tune in!


Yes, I am a Republican but I really don't feel a whole lot of ill will towards Thomas, mainly because I don't think he's going anywhere, he's a likeable fellow, and for now it isn't practical to point out he can't run a non-profit or handle a checking account without incurring stupid fees. 
Kesley augur machine

 According to the City Paper, which also has a PDF of the paperwork, the developers have put in for a raze permit to bring these suckers down.

Addison Square, which is to replace the apartments, is gonna be big. As in size. Imagine lots of dust, dirt and I'm almost willing to bet money a blocked sidewalk. Now add that to the construction that might (I'm sorry after so many years of talk I keep doubting) occur over at O Street, the area from Q St to O Street along 7th is gonna be a mess.

Now a question, where will the crazy old guys hang out? The old guys (and gals) that currently hang out on 7th, across the street from the laundromat, in the parking lot of the Giant and at the Circulator bus stop. Maybe the P Street bus stop and in front of the laundromat?

HT: Boris Miric

Whirlybirds and airplanes

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Anyone notice a helicopter flying low last night around 11 o'clock? I sprung from the bed and looked for it. It seemed to be following New York Ave or Mass Ave, heading east. Then later, after I got back into bed, there was a plane flying low.

I must say the air traffic seems to have gone down, since I last complained about it earlier this year, so this I must note. Of course since we're watching less on air TV (yay Netflix), I'm not noticing as much when the signal is getting screwed up by air traffic above.

Die Tomatoes Die- a homesteady report

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Yellow Cherry Tomatoes I can't keep up with them. And so I wonder if I should just pull the damned thing out of the ground and start trying to grow something for Fall and Winter in its spot. The cherry tomato vine is the most prolific garden plant I've got going in the garden. After the first 2 quarts of sweet grape sized fruits, I hate this plant. I've given up trying to get ahead of the splitting. I have cut it back to keep it from attacking passerbys on the sidewalk.

The other tomatoes, the normal sized ones have produced jack squat as of late. The vines have either died, or the flowers fall off, or there are no flowers at all. In the rear I suspect the Tree of Heaven has filled out and stolen most of the sunlight and tomatoes love sunlight. I'm trying to hunt down the owners, who are an LLC and notably haven't paid this year's taxes.

Despite the evil tree, the peppers are happy. The green peppers and the chili peppers. The squirrels seem to have no interest in those. The green pepper came from a neighbor who had many seedlings and gave me some. The chili pepper was a .99 cent plant bought at Benhke's. Herbs such as lemongrass, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, lemon verbena, bay, and parsley seem to be just ok. Nothing bad, noting notable, either. Beans and the cuke are semi-unproductive. 

Canning wise I may need to slow down. The Help says that when he does the dishes after I've removed the seeds and skins from dozens of tomatoes he feels like he's cleaning up a crime scene. There is red splatter all over the sink and kitchen. Kim over at Field to City provided some wonderful paste tomatoes that just screamed, "turn me into pasta sauce!" Which I did.

One problem with all the canning, besides the time consuming part, is that I have very little to give for food drives. I don't buy a lot of canned food, with nice commerical lables. I can give you tomatoes, stock or anything else I've canned, but seriously, I'm gonna want that glass jar back. No seriously. When looking around for food to give away I don't have a lot of non-perishable pre-packed items to donate. On the plus side, I guess we eat healthy.

I must be canning more than I did last year as I've had to go out and buy more jars. Last year I only canned strawberries, cherries, citrus marlmalades and tomatoes. This year we have a pressure canner and I've added beef and chicken stock to the mix.  Also I discovered I could make chicken stock in the slow cooker, so I've been making stock. I've canned fewer cherries this year, because I was feeling lazy and just threw them unpitted into jars of vodka and brandy. Cherry brandy is good.

We also got a dehydrator and this year figs, cherry tomatoes, garlic, cherries, apricots, carrots and celery got dehydrated. The products of those efforts sit in hand labled sandwich bags.

Yes, our lives could be easier and we could go down to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods and get these things already canned and packaged. Then we'd have something ready to donate. But then we'd lose the fun of creating and doing.

Boundary Stone- getting closer

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Ok Scott Roberts hasn't put this out on the blog but the listserv:

Here is some Boundary Stone Public House news from Gareth Croke:
Boundary Stone Public House is looking for a dedicated kitchen staff with a
strong passion for ``from scratch`` cuisine. 

The following positions are available:
Line Cooks:  3-4 years in high-paced kitchen experience necessary
Prep:  1 year professional experience necessary (great opportunity for culinary
students to gain valuable hands-on experience in the work field)
Dishwashers:  Experience is not necessary, but beneficial
If you have a diligent work ethic and true passion for food prepared from fresh,
quality ingredients, then this is a great employment opportunity for you.  Come
work with a fun, professional staff in a highly anticipated new neighborhood
Please send all enquiries and resumes to: neighborhoodpub*at*
Boundary Stone, located near the intersection of 1st & Rhode Island Avenue NW in
Bloomingdale, is not yet open.  Visit the website at .

Hiring staff, one of the best indicators of an opening.

Florida Ave park Groundbreaking today, maybe

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BACA pres. Geovani Bonilla wrote:

My apologies for the late notice, but I just learned from Parks and Recreations that the Ground Breaking of reconstruction of the Florida Avenue and First St Park is scheduled for 3pm on Tuesday, August 16th. All community members are welcome to attend.

 If you remember this was cancelled last week, I gather due to rain. Right now the sky is blue and happy.

Also there is something about the Florida Avenue Park meeting on the BACA blog.

If it didn't happen does it matter?


We, three of us, myself, the Help, and a neighbor, were driving back to the house when I noticed something coming down R St. There was a woman, slender, pony tail bouncing away, white earbuds and iSomething in her left hand which extended with her advancing steps. About 4 feet directly behind her on the sidewalk was a kid on a bike going slowly. I pointed it out to my companions and we watched at the intersection as the woman crossed and the kid stayed a good 3-4 feet behind her, without trying to pass, and she seemed completely oblivious to the situation. As they both made it through the intersection, we all looked at the kid and the kid, who was in his late teens, looked back at us looking at him. Not feeling right about it, we swung the car around the block to see the woman make it to the next corner, without the kid on the bike following her so closely. This was about 6:15PM on Saturday. Nothing happened. But something in my gut says we prevented something from happening.

Anyway, be aware of your surroundings. Stop holding your iCrap with one hand extended out from your body.

Also in the land of stuff that didn't happen, but we know it matters, the Youth Build charter school will be developing the JF Cook School without the housing part that made the neighbors angry. See more from Caryn at the BACA blog. What didn't happen? Subsidized housing for the non-elderly in an area that shares a block with S.O.M.E.

Friday Dump

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I keep a bunch of stuff in my folder to blog about, and I should write something before it goes stale.

Capital City/Florida Ave Market/ That Big Warehousey Area on FL Av is now Union Market- Richard Layman of Rebuilding Space in the Urban Place blog also with Elise of Frozen Tropics cover the Florida Avenue Market in a blog called Capital City Market. Anyway he's noticed that the marketing brand for the area is being called Union Market. Also August 20th, there will be ice cream there.

Can't wait till next week? Well in Shaw this weekend a celebrity chef, from one of those cable shows (we don't have cable so what do I know) will be serving BBQ. Aug. 13th, 1-5PM,  @ 5th adn Q St NW. CCCA prez has more info here.

Also this Saturday, like a lot of Saturdays, there is a farmers/community market in Columbia Heights. I get the pr and I feel bad I never post anything.

Monday there is going to be a meeting about the Florida Avenue Park at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, sponsored by BACA. So corner of Q and 3rd, in the church basement from 6:30-8:30. There will be discussions about creating a "Friends of ..." for the park.

Speaking of BACA, in case you missed it, the Flower Power winners were announced.

And I'm going to end on BACA. One of the BACA bloggers, Peter K and his wife Joan are leaving our area to head back west. Both Peter and Joan have been active residents, involved with various neighborhood improvement efforts. It was also a joy running into them on the G2, on any given weekday during the PM rush hours or on the street. They will be missed. It's always sad when friends move away.

Nothin' and something

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O St Nothin
It's August, and I heard the Giant is supposed to be closing next month, maybe. According to the listserv there is no clear date on when the store is closing up. Okay September 8th is the close date. What's happening over at the O Street Market area? Nothin'. Still. No change from a few days ago.


This is a photo from the S Street side of the Shaw metro. Note this is a photo of something. There is heavy equipment. There's a dumpster. There are guys with hard hats.

There were also guys with hard hats over near the corner of Rhode Island and 9th Street this morning. That was something.

What's Poping Up on New Jersey


Yesterday the Help and I dined at Beau Thai, outside. I had my back turned to avoid looking at the pop ups on New Jersey Avenue. I rather see the peeling paint on top of the Africare building (formerly the Morse School) than those things. There are 3.

There are two on the 1700 block of New Jersey about two houses apart. The one on the left looks like it might fit into the neighborhood a bit better than the one on the right, which look awfully pedestrian. Also the one on the left has been empty for like, forever. It was a DC government owned property that just languished, all borded up for years and years. It is good that it is getting fixed and may even fit with the pseudo-turret. The one on the right. Eh, it could be worse.

Blackbox house
Then over on the 1600 block of New Jersey we have the Blackbox of Doom. Doom I say. DOOOM.

There was a house, was a simple little two story deal. If you go to Google Street view, you can sort of see what was there before at 1631 New Jersey. First, they tore off its face. Then they slowly built out what you see. Gee, I hope this is not a spec building, and someone actually wants this and plans on living in it as their home, because otherwise the Invisible Hand is gonna do some smiting. Here is why. There is a modernist odd looking thing on the 1400-1300 block of 5th Street, where it was portioned off into condos which took a good long time to sell, and if I'm not mistaken 1 or 2 units were in foreclosure. Also there was another condo conversion on the oppossite side of New Jersey that looked a tiny bit odd. It still had some classic elements but some modernistic bents of where the windows were and such. If memory serves me right, the builder lived in one of the units and it seemed to take a while for the other unit to get occupied. But that's fuzzy memory and I could be wrong. Also the other tall structure you may notice on the right side of the picture is an infill building. It was nothing but a empty lot several years ago.
If you want to want to wring your hands about the loss of history, take a gander at the Historic Survey of Shaw East written by Kelsey & Associates (big PDF file), paying special attention to squares 507 and 509E. On page 95 it appears 1631 NJ Ave NW was built before 1887. Well, that's gone now. I'm not too concerned with the history, just the aesthetics.

Shaw Tavern- ABRA License thing

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This is just a quick cut and paste off of the Shaw Listserv:

Shaw's Tavern critical ABRA hearing Wed.

Attorney Andrew Kline says Steven May is no longer w/ Shaw's Tavern. Shaw's Tavern's owner goes before ABRA Wednesday to try to save license. Community support needed, ABRA Board expected to be hostile to keeping business open. This could revert quickly to another Shaw vacant property....

Sign An Online Petition to Help Save Shaw's Tavern - And Join Me at

In case you hadn't heard, Shaw's Tavern has gotten in trouble with ABRA (which issues alcohol licenses).  The City Paper reports the full story,  but the details are pretty silly: They used their "soft opening" to host a charity event for victims of domestic violence and, allegedly, served--but did not sell--alcohol.  ABRA would have given them a "one day" license for this special event, but they simply failed to do that.  Because of this harmless misunderstanding, the bureaucrats at ABRA may decline to give Shaw's Tavern their liquor license.  This would doom the business, since most restaurants rely on drink sales to survive.

Having lived a few doors down 6th St for over four years, I was elated to see the business open, and got to know their management well.  I really could not have been more delighted with how they fixed up a building that had been a terrible eyesore and turned it into a wonderful attraction that could help to catalyze the revitalization of a neighborhood that has yet to recover from the '68 riots.  I have also found the managers to be truly thoughtful social entrepreneurs, who care deeply about neighborhood revitalization. 

I plan on attending Wednesday's hearing at ABRA in person to make sure ABRA doesn't derail this great effort for such a harmless, innocent mistake.  I'd encourage all of you attend to show your support, too.  But if you can't, please take a moment to "sign" this online petition to show local support for Shaw's Tavern.  After you sign, please share the petition with your friends on Facebook or Twitter!

The ABRA hearing will take place at 3:30pm on Wednesday at at 2000 14th ST, Suite 400S (14th & U).  I hope to see some of you there!

Shaw Tavern
I am out of town ...[snip].. So I will miss the hearing at ABRA. But Chairman Padro has/will sent a letter to ABRA on behalf of ANC 2C to convey the community need desire for Shaw Tavern's presence and success, ANC 2C's continued support of Shaw Tavern.


Kevin L Chapple

Nothing and something

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Nothing on O Street, 'cept the weeds growing.

O St Nothin 

And something going on at Kesley Gardens/Addison Square. Well there is a big machine there. Big machines mean construction. Hopefully, maybe, who knows, but it's something.

Kesley augur machine 

Ira Tattleman work

I was canning that day, but I did step out to take a look at neighbor Ira's work. The band over by Big Bear (playing around 1pm) was super. Anyone know who they were?

Shaw just keep on Truckin'

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Talkin Truck business

The morning traffic of trucks for the construction on S Street, spilling over on to 7th. Also there has been lots of heavy equipment for the UHOP housing construction on Rhode Island.

Miscellaneous observations

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N Cap pop up rear

First, the back of the future wine shop/ wine bar with unknown purpose upper floors, which is possibly 1636 or 1638 or 1644 North Capitol St NW. Anyway, if you want photos of the front, wander over to PoP. Anyway, this is a view of the rear from the alley of a bunch of residential properties. On the far right edge you can see a wee bit of the Firehouse. What's in the middle is the Capitol Market- quickie mart. Residents of the unit blocks of R and Quincy tend to have big enough backyards or a tiny parking space so the issue of parking isn't too much of a problem should the Firehouse and the unnamed wine bar attract non-walking residents. However, the people on the block between Quincy and Florida will have problems as they use what little space there is on Quincy for parking.

Pre-School integrated. This is just an observation. But the Home Away From Home Child Development Center/ Pre-Kindergarden on New Jersey and R Sts. I've passed by this place for years on my way to work and have encountered the staff who are very friendly. I've also observered parents dropping off and picking up their kids, mostly mothers, some fathers, and a number of them driving. One day I noticed a couple of little blonde heads, and figured it was some sort of fluke, because up until now the daycare had been completely African American. Saw the non-black kids again recently, so I guess the school has now been integrated. I haven't been inside (no reason to, no kids), but I know someone who has, who at the time was disappointed with the facilities. But that was a couple of years ago, possibly before the friendly maintenance(?) guy came on.

O Street Market still has nothin' going on. Well I don't know if that dumpster is new or if I'm just now noticing it.

Big alpha box of miscellany

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First, art. IT will be one of the artists featuring his work this weekend along 1st Street for what was originally called 1st on 1st. Now it is NCMS Art + Music Walk, an August neighborhood arts fair that goes up and down 1st Streeet NW. This year they are going south into the TC, so it is a fun way to join the neighborhoods, if just for a weekend. There will be "four areas for live music and cultural performances at the launch event on August 6 from noon to 6pm in and around 1st Street and Rhode Island Avenue NW.... The grand finale starts at 4pm in front of Rustik Tavern, with Flamenco dancing to Spanish guitars, a pig roast, and a paella buffet!" Ummmm. paella.

Next booze. The ABRA application for the Firehouse will be up at the ANC 5C emergency meeting taking place August 4th. That along with something about a bike lane on R Street. See Scott Robert's listserv or blog entry regarding it for more details.

C is for Clybourne Park at the Wolly Mammoth in Penn Qtr. Still going on till the 14th. There are also forums and talks offered to discuss issues around neighborhood change/gentrification. Sunday there is the following:

  • Sunday, August 7 following the 3pm performance
    Mammoth Forum "Gentrification is..."
    examining a range of perspectives on gentrification, to begin touching on the complexities of the issue as it is playing out in the DC area.

    • Justin Maher, PhD candidate in American Studies at the University of Maryland
    • Edward Jones, long-time resident of Bloomingdale neighborhood
    • Dany Sigwalt, third-generation Washingtonian, youth worker, filmmaker and interactive/web artist

Dunbar High School reconstruction, deconstruction, stuff happening. Get more information from the BACA Blog.

Penn Quarter, my favorite place to grab lunch (besides my desk), is pondering a neighborhood bodega since the rumours of small scale national grocery chains coming to PQ always fall short. It would be nice to have a Timor/Field to City-ish kind of place. Wish them the best of luck.

R is for Robbery. According to CCCA Prez on the Shaw Listserv, " #ShawCrimeWalk Chief Lanier says Library/ShawMetro area is top 3 spot in #WMATA area for robberies DJJQhMn". Lovely, wonder what's #1 and 2?

V is for Vam...Vincent, Vincent Gray. According to the release:

Good Morning Ward 5,

There is exciting news for the Bates/Truxton/Bloomingdale/Hanover area* of our Ward.

On Thursday August 4th, 2011, Mayor Gray will be on hand for the Florida Avenue Park Groundbreaking!!! The groundbreaking ceremony will begin at 11:30am. The location of the groundbreaking will be at 1st and Florida Avenue, NW.  Joining Mayor Gray will be Civic and Community Leaders, ANC Commissioners, Elected and Government Officials and YOU!!

*where ever this place is/ tired of getting into the same old arguement...

Yoga. There is a small amount of hope that the 3rd and Florida location for Yoga District may be longer term. Also there was something on PoP about the possiblity of a Thai place opening in that same building where Yoga District was, but the reason why YD is out, bugs. I wouldn't put much stock into anything coming and staying for long in that building. There are landlord issues besides the bugs.

Amazing Osso Buco

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Leftover osso buco, which I had for lunch was amazing. I want more.

I got the veal meat from Painted Hand Farms, which comes to the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market. It was my first try at making the dish so I asked for a small package of meat. Yesterday I was under the weather, when I cooked the dish and too preoccupied with being sick and feeling like crap. But I do remember it was good, what little I ate. Today, 1/2 as crappy, still not feeling great and I dragged myself into work because... I dunno. For lunch, I had yesterday's leftovers that was frozen last night. It was amazingly good. Like the best thing I ever ate good.

It was the meat, and the carrots, lovage, parsley and bay leaves from the back yard and the tomatotes and onion and garlic from the farmer's market that made this so great I had to blog about it.

Now as soon as this euphoria wears off I'm going back to feeling like *bleech*.