Yes, new playground but what about....

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It has been reported as Bloomingdale getting a new playground, but this puppy is actually in the TC. And of the various links to the playground next to Associates for Renewal in Education (ARE) over in the Slater school building, I don't see a picture. So here's an old picture. Honestly, I haven't been over to this section of Truxton for a while as I've been sending the Help (the spouse) out for the Saturday morning Catania Bakery run, so I don't know of any changes.

There is a video with some ARE kids, some guy from the Washington Caps and Elliot Segal of DC101. I don't see any footage of what the present and possible look of the playground is to be. But I know where ARE is and can guess that their parking lot with a playset is to be the new playground.

Langston SchoolHere's the question I have, what's going to happen with that neighboring hulk that is the decrepit Langston, on the other side of the future playground. Fuzzy memory, and feel free to correct me if I am way off base, but don't the ARE people have some sort of hold, control, somethin' over Langston?

 Hat Tip: Bloomingdale Blog

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