What's happening? Nothin'


Over at the O Street Market, what is happening? Nothing. Not that I can see when I pass by on the bus or walk through Giant's parking lot. Well there are some small things. Weeds are growing and the top window on the building, looks like half of it is about to fall out.

Shaw Tavern 3

Last night, the Help and I took a post-dinner walk around the hood. We walked over to Shaw Tavern. What's happening? Nothing, but it looks awfully close to something. The lights were on, but nobody was home. Because you can see the kitchen, it looks ready to go. There are onions and potatoes sitting there, and it looks fully equiped. They just have to open. Um, wonder what's holding them up? Inspections or other paperwork maybe? I guess this because we noticed with the inspection stickers and what not in the window that the fire alarm system got approval only a few days ago. Anyone know if they got their C of O yet? Physically they look ready, but legally, that can be another matter.

We also decided to take a walk to the other Steve May project, EC12 over on North Capitol. Yes, walking around at when it's dark (it was about 8:30-9PM) is not recommended, but I had the Help and a big ole' umbrella. Also I suggested to the help on our future nighttime walks we bring the under sink wrench, a heavy metal baton with a wrench thing on the top. If the police ask why we have it, we can just say we have it just in case we encounter someone with a screw loose. Get it? Wrench, screw? Ok, I'll leave the comedy and personal safety to the professionals. Anyway, we got to EC-12. Once again, lights on, and nothing going on. We could see the 2nd floor had no ceiling. The 1st level appeared to have something. When we got to the front we saw the protest notice. After some digging at the ABRA site I did find the notice here. I highly recommend that y'all who live around EC-12 take a look at the hours of operation and see if that works for you.

Yoga District
Between the May projects we noticed the Yoga District is on Florida Avenue, where the Jackson Hewett (or however you spell it) offices used to be. There were folks stretching when we passed by.

I might actually go, with it being so close.
Well now that's something.


FYI - Yoga District is in that space temporarily while they work out a longer term plan.

Good digging on the EC12 stuff. I've been waiting for them to toss their application on the firehouse website like they said they would, but it still hasn't appeared. I wonder how the neighbors will like the weekday midnight closing time on the outside patio.

I called Shaw's Tavern on Monday, July 25 and they said they may be open on the weekend, possibly as early as Friday, permits permitting. They didn't mention, and I didn't ask, what sort of paperwork was outstanding.

Also, I thought I remember seeing different operating times a few months back, and it looks like he had originally promised 9pm weekdays, 10:30pm weekends. Wonder what his VA will end up looking like. http://groups.google.com/group/bloomingdaledc/browse_thread/thread/3883e2b2a61f409a#

Rogue25 officially opens this evening in Blagden Alley tonight (July 27), given the high calibre cuisine, the unique urban space, there might be reason for the paparazzi to be coming through Blagden Alley/Shaw on a regular basis in the not too distant future.

The Bundy Athletic Fields are scheduled to be renovated with a modern artificial turf field designed for lacrosse, soccer, softball and a small dog park on the P Street side of the field. The renovation is being done by the KIPP DC School. As W6 CM Tommy Wells said at our meeting last night, KIPP is the highest performing charter school in the District. It will be great to have a world class facility for the students and the local community to enjoy. The complete renovation should begin in a week or so and be completed in less than 60 days, ideally in time for the first weeks of school.

There is apparently a meeting about the progress of the closing of the O St Giant and demolition and the imminent shuttle bus service transporting shoppers to Giant's other local stores. If folks at Safeway are thinking, they will provide a shuttle from the 7th St corridor as well to generate some brand loyalty while Giant is closed.

Addison Sq on 7th St (the former Kelsey Gardens) apparently has financing and things will start moving soon.

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