Vegetate returns in a drink


Aw man, just as my alcohol consumption is downshifting, Shaw Rez informs us that the people who brought us Vegetate (now closed white table cloth vegetarian restaurant) will be in charge of drinks at Beau Thai. I thought something was going down when the Help and I went to pick up some take out at Beau Thai about a month ago and I spotted the Vegetate people, Dominic and Jennifer Redd (I don't know them by name but by face). I was curious of what was going down, and now I know.

Good luck. Now all you need is out door seating.


For the record, approvals in hand, outdoor furniture has been ordered and al fresco dining should be up and running by month's end!

Jennifer and Dominic are superstars. Minor detail -- they're technically not going to be "running" the beverage program at Beau Thai, but are instead leaving the amazing recipes they created to Beau Thai and staff to carry them out after Saturday night (training has been underway for a few weeks now). But hopefully they'll be frequent faces at the restaurant and will help estabish the fall/winter cocktail list too!

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