Thursday Miscellany- Buddists, History and Tree Pickin'

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Buddists Everywhere

Rushing to get to the metro, I spotted a group of folks who I gather to be Buddists here in town for the Dali Lama (based on colorful dress), walking down 4th St in a southern direction. They must be from a place where people walk, because the MCI/Verizon/Whomever Center is a little over a mile away. Then when I got to my bus stop over at the Shaw metro, another set of similar colorfully dressed folks, but elderly were waiting for the bus. Yesterday, traffic around Gallery Place was not moving because there were so many people around the Verizon Center.


I discovered when matching data to a map that I was missing data for a whole block in 1930s TC. The block was square 552. I know that the number of African American individuals outnumbered that of whites, but on the map it appears whites take up more geographic space, when I went out and found the data. In otherwords, proof of overcrowding.

Pepco wants more money

Here's the short and skinny. Disclosure: I own 40 shares of Pepco stock. Pepco wants 42.1 million dollars in rate increases. Some folks in the DC government are angry. Face it, energy is expensive, if it weren't we'd all have solar panels, wind generators and other off-grid sources.

Tree Pickin'

Do you have a fruit or nut bearing tree in the city? Bread for the City wants to pick it. There are plenty of fruit trees in Shaw. I see them over fences, in back and side yards. The Korean church mission at 4th and R has an apple tree. There are several peach trees on Q Street.

Sad, C. Barry busted for Drugs

Christopher Barry was arrested in May, but for some odd reason this is news now. Christopher should get into DC politics, where politicans only get arrested for demanding Statehood.

Oh and happy Bastille Day.

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