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1500 blk of 5th being scoped?

I'm going to have to admit to a personal flaw. When I walk home I see stuff on the street, I think to myself, "I need to report that." But when I get into my house the chores and things left undone that are looking me in the face, and I forget. Sometimes I remember to report something, a lot of times, I forget. Hopefully nothing happened, but I was walking home from the Giant, say between 4:30 and 5pm and noticed two fellows, both black males in their 20s. The guy with the dreads was standing on the corner while his buddy was standing at the door of one of the houses on the odd side of the 1500 blk of 5th. Something didn't seem right so I slowed my walk to observe. The other fellow in the red baseball cap looked noticed me, backed up from the door, and by the time I was a good 1/2 way down the next block was looking up at the windows of the house and his buddy on the corner moved towards the house. Then they both left the yard but when I was about to turn at 5th and R the dreadlocked guy (as far as my old eyes could tell) was back on the corner. But as the begining of this long paragraph states, my bad habit of forgetting took over. I sincerely, hope nothing happened, or that the fellows had legitimate business at that house.

Job Fair Today

Where: Kennedy Rec Center 1401 7th St NW. When: TODAY 7/7 10AM to 2PM See for flier.

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Wonderbread Factory

Also from the listserv via CCCa Prez MM:

Paul Millstein announced that Douglas Development is moving forward now with a four story (only) all commercial (no residential) development at the WonderBread facility along with a four story developement downtown at the old CVS building and adjacent vacant lot fronting H St (next to Vapiano).

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Regarding reporting suspicious activity - I find the MPD anonymous texting tip line - 50411 - is a great way to report activity in the moment. Additionally, you can do it anywhere, since you aren't speaking. I have found response times to be generally pretty decent. I often report drug activity in a park, and often notice cops, plain clothes or otherwise, making a sweep within 15 minutes.

Just a friendly suggestion!

From the MPD website:
Text 50411
Community members can now use their cell phones to anonymously text tips to the Metropolitan Police Department.

Give 5-0 the 411 with the new Text Tip Line: 50411. Text messages are monitored by members of the department 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tips are then analyzed and passed on to the appropriate unit or division for follow-up. Because the tip line is anonymous, the sender will not receive a response to the original message.

Neither of these anonymous tips lines is an emergency number. If you witness a crime in progress or have an emergency that requires the police, please call 911.

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