The garden- a vague report

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I collected a quart of cherry tomatoes. I was going to make a pasta sauce out of them but didn't have any roasted peppers (which make it better), so I pulled out the not so great looking ones, tossed them into the compost and figured I'd give the good ones to interns at work. But while I was out in the yard, ran into a neighbor who's kid likes cherry tomatoes and gave them to him.

The evil squirrels haven't been bothering my small and normal sized tomatoes. Much. I saw some bird, I'm guessing bird, peck marks in two tomatoes. I brought in the ones that were pretty much red and made some tabbouleh with some spring onion, parsley and mint growing in the yard.

The plants growing in the neglected window boxes in the backyard are not doing well. The thyme is dead and the chives are just holding on. I'm going to remove them because I can't water them as well as the other plants.

I need to see if my potato experiement worked. The top leaves have died.

I need to pull up my turnips. I had a few last week and had to cut back a lot of dark parts.  Made a pretty nice turnip gratin from them. I'd been keeping them around for the leaves to give to my aunt. However, dispite not liking turnip greens, I'm going to have to cook them and eat them, so I can take out the rest of the turnips because they don't seem to like the heat. Or they've been in the ground too long.

Other plants in constant use include the basil, thyme, carrots, the bay laurel, and the rosemary. I continue to collect cilantro seed and dill weed seed. The chilies should be done soon, I'll dry them and ground them. 

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