Somethin' or not


Walked by Shaw Tavern yesterday after a quick trip to the CVS. There were people inside the bar, but it didn't look like it was open for business. The kitchen was dark, but in the seating/bar area the TV was on a news channel, and a few people sitting around as if they were waiting for something. Well, if you can't have an operational bar/restaurant, at least you can have the most awesome bar themed living room in town.

And a little something, though, not really. According to ANC Alex Padro via the Shaw listserv: " Re: Addison Sq (former Kelsey Gardens) moving fwd?
Financing in final phases. Announcement likely in next 60 days." But O Street, a block over from the proposed Addison Sq got it's financing sometime ago and right now, nada.

Oh and the UHOP (United House of Prayer) modernist painting building is now taking applicants, so I guess they are now done. Rents start at $2,065 for I gather 645-770 sq ft of whatever is 'luxury' these days. The website for Bailey Haven Lofts (where did they come up with that name?) makes use of different colored fonts and underlined statements that don't link to anything.


Shaw's Tavern's facebook page says they are opening Friday. They didn't say which Friday.

In regards to UHOP.
Hate the new building but the name probably comes from 2 things.
"Bailey" is the current Bishop at UHOP on M Street.
I'm pretty sure that the building that was torn down to make space for the current building was called the "McCullough Haven for Senior Citizens", named after a previous bishop.

I've almost given up on O Street Market and Kelsey. Maybe sometime in our next lifetime.

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