Robert Hannah, assault charge dropped

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Via CCCA prez on the Shawlistserv:

 Robert Hannah plead guilty to two of three charges, 1 for possession of marijuana (apprehended in NE) 1 for attempted threats (Shaw incident); assault charge dropped. Hannah will have a sentencing hearing on Tuesday, July 19 (attorney suggested it might not happen until after 10am). He faces a possible 360 days confinement and/or a $1000 fine for each charge, $50 for court sentencing fees. The Mayor revoked his driver's license for two years.

 Ms Johnson, the complaining witness, was in the courtroom along with Hannah's grandmother (they sat on different sides of the courtroom) and waited from 9am until 2pm when the case was called. 

 Ms Johnson still self identifies as Hannah's girlfriend and when Judge Lopez asked, she responded that she expects their romantic relationship to last. Ms Johnson gave victim's impact statement requesting that the sentencing be stopped, requested that Hannah simply be put in a support/rehab program, did not want a stay away order put in place; she said the incident "affected me badly, but I got over it after a while."

ARGH. Ain't domestic abuse grand with victims being so forgiving and understanding. Anyway, if he does get the max sentence for the 2 charges, 360 days, that would be longer than the max charge Hannah got for beating Tory Hunter, a gay man, who died as a result.

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