Off-Clip On thingy

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Since I was asked about it three times when I was outside fooling around in the yard, yes, it works, so far.

This is not a paid advert, though if Johnson the makers of Off Clip On want to pay me I won't object. However, in the past couple of days when I've run out side to bother watering the plants, I've had the clip on thingy on and I've used it for about 1 or 2 hours of its 12 hour use and so far so good. However, when I've got a mist of water spray going on, I think I'm getting bit, though I don't see anything. Also if my shirt winds up covering the fan or when I'm wearing a long skirt, my legs seem to get bit.

The day I was out collecting the cherry tomatoes two fellows who had come by a neighbor's place and asked on two separate occasions about the clip on. Another day, a neighbor asked if it works. So far so good, yes it does, provided there are no mists and long skirts and it's not covered.

I like it better than the sprays and candles and incense to keep the bugs at bay while working in the yard. But I do wonder if years down the road we'll discover it causes cancer or some horrid thing.

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