Monday Miscellany

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Ginger beerAmerica Eats

The picture is of a ginger beer I had at Jose Andres' restaurant in Penn Quarter. I miss the magic motijo of Cafe Atlantico. Seriously is there any way to make the magic motijo American so it can be in the new resturant? Give it a green card, call INS, something. That and the guac were the best things about Cafe Atlantico. America Eats, is okay. The ginger beer, a little too strong at first then it grows on you. I had shrimp and grits. They were a tiny bit too salty and not filling so I ordered the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The problem with the America Eats menu is they give the history of the dish but don't tell you what the hell you're getting. It would have been nice to know that the PB& J came with chips and a small milk.

New Shaw Proposes to Eat Mt. Vernons and Sursum Corda

There is a proposal in the Ward 6 redistricting to define the new boarders that will include central Shaw, 1/2 of Mt. Vernon Square and all of Mt. Vernon Triangle, and call it Shaw. Okay there are a couple of ways you can look at this. Poltical boarders change, who knows a huge surge in building might make Ward 6 too big in 2020, and the then CM will shed the area. Who knows. The Shaw neighborhood name is a mid 20th century invention coming from the Shaw School Urban Renewal Area project, which as far as government projects go, is pretty much done. The agencies that were invovlved in the urban renewal efforts of the 50s-70sish, are no longer involved to the level they were in the present day, which is now ward CMs and ANC members and Jemal. But instead of calling it Shaw, how about ANC 6whatever letter?

Wanna Support a Porch Play?

 I got an interesting email from a woman who is trying to raise money for a neighborhood theatre project that is to take place on porches. You can see her kickstarter page here.

Darned You Verizon

 Personal note, my DSL at home is down. Been that way for going on 4 days now. I can do a lot on my smartphone, but something require a bigger screen and a keyboard. If this goes on another 2 days I'm thinking about cancelling everything with Verizon.

Only MD Chicken at BFM?

For reasons I'm not 100% clear on, the farmer from southern Pennslyvania cannot sell chickens anymore at BFM. Goat and bovine meat yes, chickens, apparently not anymore. I was able to get whole chickens from the Maryland producers, but I like the Pennsylvania farmer's chickens.

Polyface Bunny At Field to City/Timor

We still call Kim's store Timor, anyway, new in, rabbit from Polyface farms.

Too Hot to Enjoy Tactile Dinner Car

We arrived too late for reservations at banished? production's Tactile Dinner Car. It was enjoyable to watch, for a while, but the area under the tent was gawd awful hot. The performing cook and space-airline hostess chick were sweating buckets. They will have a new gasto-art project in September. We'll try them again then.

Harry Thomas Claims Innocence

or something like that. Here's HTjr's statement:

Washington, DC--- Ward 5 Councilmember Harry "Tommy" Thomas, Jr. today issued the following statement regarding the settlement agreement he has reached with the Office of the Attorney General:

Serving as the Councilman for Ward 5 residents is my greatest honor. In an effort to continue to focus on my most important goals - improving the lives of my constituents in Ward 5 and the residents of Washington, DC-- I have agreed to a settlement. I feel this is in the best interest of the city.

I have committed my life to teaching life skills to children through sports and athletic competition. The discipline and strenuous rigors that I teach through coaching and mentoring were lacking in the management of the organization.
As I have stated before, the allegations in the Attorney General's complaint about there being no service provided and a purposeful misuse of any funds are not true. That is why the settlement does not have any agreement of wrongdoing.

It is not uncommon for grantees, including DC agencies receiving federal funds, to have expenditures disallowed. It is my desire to move forward with the disposition of this matter in a way that will cause the least disruption to my family and my constituency, and that will save the DC government and its citizens the time and expense of litigation, as well.

I appreciate the trust the citizens have placed in me during these allegations. I have used my role as councilmember to tend to the needs and interests of those who I have the privilege to serve. These actions are being taken to ensure that the trust the public has placed in me is maintained and honored.

Any questions regarding this matter may be directed to Fred Cooke of Rubin Winston, Diercks, Harris & Cooke, L.L.P.

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