Home and garden report- lazy summer

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With the hard rain we got Sunday, I knew that the cherry tomatoes were going to go splitsville. So Monday, I was outside bending and twisting to get 2 pints of sweet cherry tomatoes off of the most productive tomato plant in the yard. The other tomato plants are either a) not doing jack squat, or b) preparing to die and leave me about 4 reddish tomatoes in their will.

I took the split cherry tomatoes, cut off the split part (tossing it out) and threw the rest in a pot of lentils I was cooking. Also for the lentils I finally used some chicken stock I canned. I hadn't eaten anything from the pressure canner.  Anyway, a bunch of tomatoes went to the lentils. The others are going to be dehydrated and those that aren't dehydrated thrown in a pasta dish for tonight's dinner.


For a wedding present we got a pressure canner. So far I have canned stocks. Chicken stock mostly, from leftover chicken bones and chicken parts that never made it into whatever I was cooking. I have about 8 or 9 pints of stock. Now that I have tried a stock that had been sitting on the shelf of about a month, I'll try to clear out the freezer of other bones and parts and turn them into stocks. But it is so hot and I don't wanna cook or can.


I got lazy. I did not feel like canning any more cherries. So I decided to throw them into vodka to make cherry liquor and 'drunken cherries'. My problem is that my mood changes. I'm not drinking as much (oh, good Lord, that sounds sad!) adn thus not going through the cherry liquor I make, which is really good stuff. The by product of the liquor were the 'drunken cherries' which I'm liking more and more and giving away less and less. And I like making lemoncello, as my goal is to try to get it to taste like a lemondrop. I've got about 2 batches of the stuff sitting around but little incentive to drink it, since my tolerances have gone down.

Basil and other spices

Got tons of it, no incentive to make pesto as I still have some of last year's pesto in the freezer. Only good thing about making pesto is there is no canning or heat involved.

The cilantro/coriander all went to seed and I've been collecting the seed pods. I haven't collected a lot volume wise. I did use some where I ground up 1 teaspoon of it for a recipe, and it smelled amazing! 

I got more dill seed than I know what to do with. I don't do much if any pickling. 

Food in General

With the exception of two days when my husband gets the kitchen, I cook. From scratch most of the time. On the plus side, the meals are healthy. By grabbing purslane for salad from the yard, we get a boatload of Omega-3 and a fresh tasty salad. The negative is it's a lot of work, cleaning a picking. It is horribly tempting, and we have yielded to tempation several times, to grab something from Beau Thai or some other spot. On one hand I'm happy I grew turnips that I will turn into a yummy turnip gratin, but on the other hand, I gotta turn on the oven, slice the turnips and assemble all the other ingredients.

It's summer and I'm just getting lazy and I really don't want to do anything.

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