H Street and gentrification

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I will acknowlege and affirm that the author of "Can one revive what is Gone? H Street Culture" has negative feelings about the changes that have occurred along H St in the past, oh, 5-10 years. I'm not even going to address the incorrect naming and grammatical errors, Frozen Tropics has that covered.

What gets me is the blame.

The residents of the 'H' Street corridor basically didn't have choices for this new culture because they had no real input or money to put into development projects that were started here.


What was done was the lack of legal directions and assistance from legal professional that were privy to any rebuttals that residents could use to to help them secure or keep their property.

What the heck is that supposed to mean? Is she (the author) blaming lawyers for not volunteering pro-bono, running around looking for little old ladies about to lose their home to something vague.

I gather the author was so upset she couldn't write straight. She writes that there"used to be a place that you could sit with your friends and enjoy the daily talk about community and what has happened or transpired during your day at work, " but never names it.

Her complaints are as old as urban America. Earlier incarnations are of the old Jewish or Italian grandmas who stay in their homes dispite the influx of a different group of people, long after her friends have died off, moved and their kids decided to live life elsewhere. Life was always better when you were younger.

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She's an insult to legitimate complaints against gentrification. Do you know how many community meetings it takes to get anything done in this city? There was hardly little warning with CaBi -- they marketed with bejesus out of it.

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