Go ask Alice

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Last night we went to the Fringe Festival production of Alice, an evening with Alice Roosevelt Longworth. We enjoyed it, though there were moments I was trying to sneak a peak at someone's watch. We are history people and enjoyed that aspect of the generally one woman play. There is the booming voice of the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt, who we never see.

The premise is an interview with what we guess is a reporter writing for an article for the Washington Post Magazine at the eve of Patrica Nixon's White House wedding. Joy Davidson, the actress who brings the elder Alice R. Longworth to life, turns the audience into this reporter, asking us which hat she should wear, but the audience participation pretty much ends there. The conversations between Alice and Teddy, I gather, reflect her inner thoughts, that exclude the reporter but allow the audience to observe. These father daughter conversations reflect some more personal details that Alice would not share with a reporter.

The audience for this skewed older than say Who Killed Capt. Kirk or past years' Tactile Dinners. And possibly unlike most Fringe plays this has a little history to it. Come to think of it so has the Tactile Dinners, sort of. I look forward to seeing what new twist the dinner car brings.

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