Fringe- hit or miss

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The best production I've seen of a Star Trek themed stage play was the one I saw at the University of Florida, as a student, mocking the first TNG episode Encounter At Fairpoint. Even after seeing the Fringe Who Killed Captain Kirk, the UF production still remains the best in my memory.  Friends who went to see Hotel Fcuk, were disappointed with their selection as well. When asking said friend about what could have made the play better, he said, "a different script." Yeah, I kinda feel the same way.

These productions had good concepts but, fell short. And well the thing is I can appreciate the work that goes into larger productions where there is more time to hammer out the not so great parts and develop it a bit more. Fringe can be hit or miss. Misses are disappointing, hits are excellent.

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i liked hotel fcuk but it was really loud and spastic. and spitastic. going to tactile dinner tomorrow, cant wait!

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