Friday Misc- Garden and Mamo

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Buckwheat and other grains

Sorry for not having a picture but in my container garden I managed to grow buckwheat. It shares the same pot as the patio tomato. Now I have enough plants to make one singular quarter sized pancake. One. Seriously, I really didn't think it would grow sucessfully here. I had grabbed the seed during a vacation 2 years ago from the owner's garden, just a handful of buckwheat. The seed had sat in a baby food jar of random seeds and on a lark I threw some of that seed in a pot. I think I'll dump out the rest of the jar in a bare corner of the yard and see what pops up.

Also in the 'let's see what grains grow' catagory, I'm also making a stab at amaranth. So far, nothing. Of course it might fare better in a sunnier spot than where I have it.

Isn't That Joe Mamo's site?

According to the BACA blog there was a special ANC meeting to extend the PUD on the corner of North Cap and Florida Ave. Now if memory serves me right that is Joe Mamo's (a very memorable name, that sounds too much like 'yo momma') land and years ago he had proposed building a residental property. If he has a PUD then I guess he can go through. Apparently he needs an extention to get funding. Ah the olde funding excuse. Also as I search my memory, the last time I remember Mamo or one of his representatives coming before the community with the proposed building, people were very concerned about traffic flow, as in 'if you have a underground garage, how will people enter and exit from such busy roads as North Cap. and FL Ave?' And as I remember there was a concern about building height, and the privacy of surrounding residences. The height would essentially block the southern view (cool views of downtown). I guess that has been addressed and resolved?

Horrified by Team Thomas' Overdraft Fees

I hate overdraft fees. Mr. InShaw (the Help) and I, in addition to our joint bank accounts, have our own 'mad money' bank accounts. When I noticed one of the Help's mad money statements had a couple of these $35 overdraft NSF fees, and I threw a small scale hissy fit. Now my reaction to someone else racking up a bunch of overdraft fees, also quite negative. The City Paper has Team Thomas' bank statements showing a slew of check and check card transactions on page 22 and 23. I also notice that in addition to the charges for sports related things, there are a few $2 fees for using a BoA card in a SunTrust and a maintenance fee. These are small, but add up. They are also so unnecessary.

As for the City Paper, that's a crap ass job at redacting. Redacting 101. Take original, make a copy. Take a marker, mark out what is to be redacted on copy. Make a photocopy of marked copy. Make visual inspection of 2nd copy to insure names and numbers cannot be figured out. Release to public. Pray that Team Thomas doesn't sue you.

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