Defending SE

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This weekend the Help and I went to a party held by some friends of ours in a nice leafy MoCo suburb. It was a mix of people with neighbors, special interest friends and workplace (former & current) friends. We were the special interest friends.

I was sitting outside with people who I think knew our hosts through their kids, and the conversation wandered on to DC. Particularly SE DC. Oh and before we get into issues of race, nobody in this conversation was white (me black, an Indian-American couple and brown couldn't guess country of familial origin type). It started with the statement that there weren't any places to run or bike or excercise on the other side of the river followed by more stereotypical comments about Anacostia/SE.

Now I don't spend much time in Wards 7 & 8. The last time I was there was last week when we were driving through to get to the federal campus of buildings in Suitland from downtown DC. The time before that, was some cultural thing starting near the Big Chair, that ended at Fredrick Douglas' house. Anyway, I found myself in the odd position of defending SE. There is a bike trail on the other side of the river and when my collegues and I were riding down to Suitland they remarked about the improvements and the nice houses we spotted close to the MD border. 

The conversation changed to something else as these things do in social situations. But at some point someone had something good to say about Marion Barry, not me. I'm not defending that man.

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