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The Help and I have finally returned from the National Press Club from the "Hyperlocal Coverage" discussion panel event that ended about several hours ago. After the Q&A period ended we got into a discussion with Elise/Inked of Frozen Tropics and the awesome Laura who is the editor of Homicide Watch DC. We wound up talking an hour or more about DC and some of the challenges of being a one woman blog and the absurdity that can be DC.
As far as the event, some bloggers make money, some don't and Elise made an excellent point that the Post and other print media, with paid staff and editors, makes mistakes just as often. Heck that's why we read the "Free for All" in the Post. Also I sense, and I could be completely wrong, that some think that blogs are going to displace traditional media, nope. When radio and television came about there was the fear it was going to displace print media. The Help did a stint in the NPC's archive and discovered that broadcast journalists weren't considered real press and not allowed as full members until the latter half of the 20th century. Also not all bloggers consider themselves journalists. Some do, because they have a journalist background. Personally I feel closer to the academia model when I do the history posts, and don't consider myself a journalist.
Anyway, Homicide Watch is an excellent blog, Please hit up her donate button because she covers all the homicides in DC, not just the sensational or the pretty middle class people, everyone, so all lives are equal.
After we left downtown and took the G8 back home, we walked past Beau Thai and saw Mr. Shaw Rez and his handsome partner Drew through the window. So another blogger meet up, huzzah! Oh and the Vegetate people were there too.
Ah, I love my local bloggers, y'all are awesome.

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