4ths are getting better

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Say about 10 years ago when I moved here the local fireworks would start a good month before the 4th of July. Slowly, over time the pre-fourth fireworks became fewer and fewer. Also I need to note the sounds of small arms fire in the night has decreased over the years too.

As for the neighborhood, ah, the large crowd that would form at our corner to shoot off fireworks that could be seen several blocks off, moved up to another corner. We did keep a close eye on neighbors who shot off fireworks in the alley and street. Note to car owners, park closer to your own home on the 4th. It lessens the chance that an misfired explosive won't do a dance under your car by someone setting off fireworks in front of their house.

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I'm not a huge fan of fireworks in the alley! But the view of the rest of thre fireworks from the roof was pretty cool.

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