Which address is this?



I also post ocassionally at the Vacant Properties blog and I thought I captured the house address, but this got cut off. It is on the 1500 block of 3rd Street NW. This is not 1530 3rd Street which has a big open unsecure window and is taxed at the vacant-blighted rate. This is a few doors down and if I'm not mistaken there is one house sandwiched between these two homes. I belive this mystery address is vacant because of the yard. People of 3rd Street, is this vacant or something else? 



This house has been vacant since at least 2004 when I moved to the neighborhood. One of my neighbors has contacted the owner (who lives in SE DC) and attempted to buy it. Apparently, she has no interest.

Also, how can you tell that 1530 is being taxed at the vacant-blighted rate? I've never figured out how to discern that. 1530 is owned by a bank in Florida. Until I called them recently, they had no idea that the resident who they are paying a monthly reverse mortgage payment to passed away about 5 years ago.

Also, that guy from Reston in your previous post has really gotten under my skin. I would say more, but what I have to say isn't very nice.

I'll put in a complaint to 311 regarding the yard if we can confirm the address... I suggest everyone do it on a regular basis. I think we can make this a "nuisance" property for the owner as it has been for the neighborhood...

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