Thoughts on Georgetown and student housing

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On the surface this falls under none of my business, since it is in another neighborhood and I am no longer landlording in DC. But there are some things that bug me about the city's demands for Georgetown U to house all of its students.

Here's my background, for 4.5 years I was an undergrad (2 of those years in campus dorms, .5 in a off campus co-op dorm) and 4 years as a grad student (2 of those years in dorms). Also for one semester I had a GU grad student as a tenant in my Truxton Circle home. The selling point was the G2 bus stop nearby, which would drop her off at the GU gates, eventhough the house was clearly not in Georgetown. As a person who was a college student for 8.5 years and a person who doesn't care for living in student ghettos, I gotta say people (who just happen to be students) need more options than dorms and student ghettos, which seem to be the only two options.

First, there has to be some accomodation for people whose lives don't fit for dorms. Part-timers, non-traditional aged, people living with relatives, people with children and partners/spouses, and the like just can't be stuffed in dorms. Where do distance learning students fit in this model?

Second, yes, unlike UMCP, American, and Catholic, Georgetown doesn't have a metro stop, but it does have transportation links that should be exploited. I had a student stay with me and she used the G2. The G2 hits Dupont, Shaw/Logan/TC, Bloomingdale and Ledroit and stops right at the gates of Georgetown University. Around 1995, during the brief time my cousin Bry was at Georgetown he lived somewhere in Maryland or Virginia, parked his car at my apartment in Rosslyn and he grabbed a shuttle bus that took him over the bridge to Georgetown. But even good transit doesn't mean peace and quiet as for some UMCP students rioting (not a loud party but a riot) is an option, which sadly taints the whole school. And as I remember there where problems with bad student group houses near Catholic too.

Third, the city can do a better job on cracking down on over crowded houses if over crowding is the problem. Stranglely enough we have overcrowded houses over here and the problem people aren't college kids. They are people who come in and out of houses who neighbors know are living there but when they finally get some authority to look into it, no that person isn't living there they are just "visiting". Yes, the citizens of Georgetown should have peace and quiet as the citizens of Shaw or Bloomingdale or anywhere else in the city should have peace and quiet.

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