Robert Hannah


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In 2008 Tony Hunter, a gay man,  died as a result of the beating received from Robert Hannah. Hannah was first charged with voluntary manslaughter, but plead guilty to simple assault with a 180 day max.

He's been arrested again.


I hope ANc2C considers submitting a community impact statement in advance of RH's July 14 hearing.

After two days, even a Ward Councilmember (Graham One) can't seem to get a response from the USDOJ's office on how community impact statements can be submitted to help ensure RH isn't menacing ppl on the streets again any time soon.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Graham
Ronald.Machen ; Roger.Kemp ; ...
Sent: Thu, Jun 30, 2011 8:27 am
Subject: RE: Repeat Offender - Robert Hannah

Mr. Machen or Mr. Kemp,

May we hear from you on this matter?

Please provide an update on what is to occur at the July 14 hearing and opportunity for the community to submit community impact statements.

Bests, Councilmember Jim Graham

Gosh, I hope that Hannah will get the jail time he deserves!

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