TC offends Reston Man

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I've had very little contact or experience with the area known as Reston. My last trip there, we got lost, had issues with tolls, and a problem when when we desperately  needed some saline Sunday at 9pm and found the main commercial corridors shut down.  So my experience with Reston is of a spread out, pedestrian unfriendly place that shuts down at 9. I could be wrong. I really don't spend a lot of time on the other side of the Potomac, particularly places beyond metro rail, so what do I know.
This is about the response to the article about the TC (Truxton Circle) in the Where We Live area of the Real estate section. Which from some of the residents seemed positive enough, acknowledging the crime (yes w/ 2 shootings in one week, hard to ignore), but also acknowledging progress.
In the Free For All this morning Mr. Glenn Kamber, a citizen of Reston and a member of the Fairfax-Fall Church Community Services Board, wrote that he found the article disconcerting. He railed against NIMBYism (for us it is NMIMBY- No MORE in my back yard) and the usual gentrification cries of displacement of black people, shorthand for poor black people. And I don't know what he's talking about regarding displaced Latinos in the TC, this isn't Ward 1, African Americans are still the dominant ethnic group in the TC, but you know all those DC urban areas look alike.
In regards to social services, let me illustrate something that you might not get out in Fairfax County. If I step outside onto my top stair landing I can see two places that serve the homeless. One is a church whose aid is most visible on one day, another is run by a suburban Virginia church that serves during the week, sometimes on the weekend. If I step further out about 6 feet from my front door and squint (I need new glasses) I can see another place that I highly suspect is a social service. If I walk about 250 feet from my front door there are a few other properties that are used for temporary housing and services. And I'm in the least problematic area of the TC. Also in the past year we were informed by a study that our commercial strip is pretty much doomed to be a wasteland because of the concentration of social services, which is why the cool stuff like BBC and Beau Thai (and maybe the firehouse) is near the TC but not in the TC.
Okay let's talk race, more accurately ethnicity but according to DC rules, 'race'. In the last census most of the TC was 62% Black, yes this is down from 92% from 2000, but way more diverse than parts of NoVa. Playing with the Post's Census Date Map  I see when I flick around Tyson's Corner the 80some percent of whites went down to 70 and 50 something percent apparently displaced by Asians. The percentage of Latinos in the TC hasn't been high, in the west part of the TC it jumped from 2.8% in 2000 to 6.8% in 2010, eastern sticking around the 8 something percent. And the Latino convert a school into primarily housing project is too complicated with a whole historic narrative to go into here. Just know that adjacent to that project at MM Washington, the plans for low-mid income housing for seniors is chugging along. If the example of Golden Rule Plaza is what we can expect, then that portion of the neighborhood will remain African American as GR seems to lack diversity.

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